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Curbside Eats – Streets of Thailand: LA’s Gourmet Thai Food Truck

You can’t get more authentic Thai food than from Streets of Thailand food truck in LA, officially endorsed by the Tourism Board of Thailand. Dig in to true T…

  1. Yumm pad thai

  2. they’re jus serving the same stuff you can get at any Thai resturant. C’mon
    give me something special like freaking papaya salad wit 20 thai peppers or
    some shit.

  3. @jnmanda11, yes we do that in Thailand.

  4. This guy is such a tool, lol.

  5. @jnmandal5 Actually YES! Well, and actually we do it as a greeting …which
    means to do it correctly, he had to do it at the very first. lol~ What do
    you mean by “racist” anyways? I’m Thai and I saw nothing bad,
    contradictory, it was nice to see him (foreigner) doing that. ;)

  6. you said you got endorsments from ….avoid using any ingradients that
    doesn’t belong to its. please

  7. girls are hot

  8. Thailand Ftw!

  9. The girl/the owner is hot, hot. I can’t wait to visit LA in july and try
    their food

  10. @namnguyen1969 yea…she sings pretty good too…look up: when you say
    nothing at all— Pat Tarisa

  11. kind of racist how he intro’d with that bow, do they even do that in

  12. @publicICON It’s easy for you to sit in your hole talking crap. let see you
    get out there and do something like that. Besides, They serve authentic
    flavor thai food and how do you know they don’t have thai chili peppers?
    duh! look at the vdo again, they do! NO MERCY!. Advise for the not so wise
    is to try their food before you open your mouth. Take that from a Thai guy!

  13. I love love you guy are awesome and I love ur idea ka

  14. I cant wait to try their food… im so psyched

  15. @MiaLeonora Yes, He is! I’m sitting here scratching my head wonder who
    selected him to host this show.

  16. i love the host too…

  17. Makes me wonder what she said at the end when she was yelling “Wait wait

  18. I love host

  19. Wow! Pat has amazing voice. Thank you for telling me about her videos

  20. @adrix11 awww Thanks! I hope you’d really come by to see me ;-)

  21. @middlevin You know what? Pad Thai is also really the no.1 most popular for
    foreigners in Thailand to order too. Even that I’m Thai, I don’t like it.
    Still can’t figure it out why almost all of you like it… lol~

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