1. I love chicken feet—awesome vid. Very stylish cooking vid—totally fun to watch!

  2. fantastic – loved music and edits – pure genius. From a fellow BBC please keep on making the vids! Cheers

  3. why chicken feet, theres practically no meat at all…

  4. ew gross. looks like your eating hands and feet…like human fingers and toes. make something with chicken leg meat like kung pao.

  5. Looks yummy!!

  6. How do you get the chicken feet to go brown like that?

  7. spectacular

  8. i think the colours comes from it being deep fried, and then marinaded in soy sauce.

  9. its a combo of browing while deep frying but also dark soya will always stain your food thus making it that wounderful tasty brown

  10. Cheers! It may be the colour of the soy sauce.

  11. thank goodness for LEE KUM KEE!

  12. @paprichaat5: Fungzao is a traditional Dim Sum food. For you it looks like something strange but for us this is delicious. Next time if you eat a chicken you can imagine to eat a human because a body of a chicken looks similiar to us. As example their legs, their ribcage or their stomach.sorry,but I don’t like it when someone say we would eat human hands or feets. We don’t do such things and I can’t let people think wrong about our cultures.

  13. fantastic! loved music and edits

  14. black beans forever

  15. disgusting!

  16. I found this quite hypnotic and facinating

  17. too bad this stuff is pretty unhealthy =x

  18. I love both eating and cooking Cantonese cuisine. I can’t live without Dim Sum, but chicken feet is a personal obstacle.

    Interesting video production but why is this a music video?

  19. Had me some fungzao yesterday. Definitely one of my favorites

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