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Discovering Chinese Cuisine Part 2 – Culinary knife skills

China is a vast country with diverse climates, customs, products, and practices. People living in different regions maintain a wide variety of diets. Discove…
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  1. Chinese is better culinary its amazing?


  3. 16:00 I have eaten this dish before haha
    It is a Suzhou dish
    Tip: Do not order this dish in hotels. They are not as authentic as the
    ones sold in smaller local restaurants and are notoriously pricey due to
    its popularity. ?

  4. not masculine enough?

  5. Note to self:
    Don’t get into a knife fight with a chefs?

  6. 11:36 so thats how they make chicken balls?

  7. meget spændende?

  8. 12:05 wtf??

  9. fascinating.. wow. beautiful scenery and wonderful skills. Cheers China?

  10. They craft these knives to cut dogs into fillets!?

  11. I agree with Richard, everybody thinks..Oh, these people have some super
    skills or secrets when it comes to cooking…better understand what Chop
    Suey(sp) means first before you go bragging on their culturally
    skills…and the French…what a piece of garbage…enuff said. We American
    always thinks if it has some exotic name to it, then it must be
    good…remember all the commercials with people with British accents
    selling rubbish (I would say Garbage, but didn’t wanna offend her highest)
    Bottom line anybody can cook and use whatever they have available if they
    got the skills…. ?

  12. And my friends thought I was crazy when I told them my family only has one
    kitchen knife when they have more than 3.?

  13. I can do anything they did in this video much better or clearly see without
    any forehand knowledge that the European ways are much more skillful.
    Sincerely, your average youtuber who doesn’t know shit about Asian cuisine.?

  14. Well – chinese food is the best in the world. My mom cooks excellent
    chinese food and I learnt from her since I was a kid.
    My weekly food intake contains at least 3 chinese dinner/lunch. And mostly
    I cook myself. While living in France I even taught some to a very good
    friend of mine who was French. And this I say inspite of the fact that I am
    Indian and Indian food also has a lot of variety too.?

  15. If you don’t like Chinese cooking or China in general, just stop watching
    the video! You don’t have to leave hate messages under this with comment
    that has nothing to do with this video or Chinese cuisine. Leave your
    political opinions out of this video which is actually about cooking if any
    of you haven’t noticed yet.?

  16. i still prefer an indian curry over this swamp tasting bland chinese shit?

  17. Chinese chef is the best. That’s why the Japanese kitchen knife
    call “??”, which is a name of ancient Chinese chef. Using one big knife to
    cut very thing from a whole big animal to different kinds of greens, It’s a
    way to show peoples that’s how skillful you are. ?

  18. The west & American – barbarians have a lot of jealousy even with food. No
    wonder! How loser they are!?

  19. i honestly feel sorry for these ignorant people who bash on chinese food
    with their limited knowledge. These people are blinded by racism and
    stereotypes. Chinese food culture is probably one of the most diverse type
    of food around due to its cultural diversity through different province. I
    admit, china has its fair share of problems with people who are trying to
    make a quick buck through the health risks of others, but that does not in
    any way affect or dictate how amazing chinese food can be. ?

  20. Anyone here interested in the knifework or has this just become a forum for
    racists? I actually wonder if this knifework can be applied to new dishes?
    e.g. here in canada instead of maple glazed salmon maybe squirrel style
    fish lightly glazed…etc.. More similarities than differences between good
    chefs. If you don’t like or can’t get the materials, watch the techniques
    and apply to something else!!! I would love a restaurant that invites
    guests chef from random countries to participate and helps make a new
    recipe each visit from what they’ve seen. ?

  21. losers always speak loudest on Internet but have nothing in their brain?the
    true world in their mind is filtered message got from media?nothing will
    change after losers’s angry?

  22. The idea that one knife can be used for all is a belief held in all
    kitchens around the world….?

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