Diwali recipes has a special place during the festival

Diwali is a festival not for lights, lamps & firecrackers, but for some mouth-watering delights as well. Each region of India has its own traditional variety of sweets & cuisines made specifically for this festival.

People neat their houses ready for Diwali so that when we welcome the Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity in to their house it is neat, we also decorate it with lights & colourful Rangoli patterns. It is traditional to wear new clothes at Diwali & to buy lovely jewellry in honour of Laxmi.

We make yummy sweets to eat during Diwali, have you ever tried Indian sweets? Try some if you get the chance as we’re lush! There is a link below to a site which has traditional Diwali sweets & Diwali Recipes but most of them require ingredients that you might have in your cupboard.


Diwali is a time of indulging in great fun, joy & laughter & the perfect time for the Diwali recipes to take a center-stage. Well Diwali is known to be a festival of sweets as the sweets form an integral part of any Diwali food, no matter in what part of the country. Thus the majority of the Diwali recipes revolve around sweets & the best part about them are that these are easy to prepare. The Diwali feasts should be seen as the best opportunities for impressing your friends & family members with your culinary skills.

Thus recognizing the importance of Diwali recipes, we have accumulated the best of Diwali Sweet recipes & have brought them for you on this site. So read these Diwali Sweet Recipes & get ready to prepare the yummiest Diwali feast for your family & friends this Diwali.

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