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Easy Thai Spicy Pork Dip Recipe (Nam Prik Ong): The Aimless Cook

Thai food is easy with this spicy pork dip recipe called Nam Prik Ong. It has fresh cherry tomato, galangal and spicy red chili. I love the taste of this dis…

  1. Looks wonderful Mr. Jay! So many new flavors that I can’t wait to try!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. usually i eat this with rice, very tasty.

  3. Chicharon!!!!

  4. @Xia0yUxX thanks for the heads up. I learn something new everyday! and
    thanks for watching!

  5. That looks so good – I can just taste it with the crunch of the cucumber
    too, yum! :)

  6. My mouth is wateringgggg! D;

  7. Nam Prik Ong… That’s easy enough to make. Cool Thai dish. I love minced
    pork and pork rinds, but not a big fan of hot chillies. My taste buds don’t
    seem to agree with spicy food. Hehehe. Great recipe, Jay. :-)

  8. Can you use this with another meat? It looks delicious, I’m just not a big
    fan of pork : Keep up the great work!

  9. Nice!!! Must have been really aromatic when you sautéed the paste. d(^_^o)

  10. @MrJingjong You’re very welcome (: Its always a joy to see your videos on
    the subscriptions page :D

  11. Your dishes always look incredible! Have a Flavorful Halloween!

  12. @MrJingjong I always did it with ground chicken. it’s really different and
    a world better. try it !

  13. Adding this to my favorites!

  14. @JoyMac13 You should have been there when I cracked open the belacan. lol.

  15. @chrismatteo86 Thank you, I hope you try it!

  16. This looks absolutely delicious!

  17. Man your house is gonna stank after cooking this.. stank real good though :)

  18. You should – Add pork and some Roasted Chili Paste oil and stir-fry until
    cooked thoroughly.

  19. @iloveflavor So do yours, my dear. We have a mission, Jenny. To bring
    flavor at all costs! lol. Are you willing to accept it?

  20. how do you wright your name.?? it sounds like mines

  21. @ShaunieceCooks Hey Shauniece! Hope you’re doing well. Are you still making
    lots of treats with your Zuko?

  22. @MrJingjong No problem, and thank you for the response as well as the
    videos :) I will try and make a video of it! It’ll be a little hard getting
    my family to eat it, lol.

  23. look yummy!!… can i use something else beside belacan?

  24. youre amazing :O

  25. Rock you dude! I can totally get behind that! That would be great in a
    spring roll totally! As always another great Asian recipe Jay! A+++

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