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Eating Fermented Tofu, Chinese Street Food – Without Borders

We try one of China’s favourite dishes, stinky tofu! 3 Canadian Chefs travel across 10 countries in Asia to learn to cook local dishes. With a /day budget…

  1. We really do have an open mind when it comes to food but that was just
    awful! haha

  2. Fried versions aren’t too bad.

  3. Its really good. You just nubble on it with some aged beef served rare

  4. Haha a I tried it once too , thought I got a bad one so tried another ,
    just awful!

  5. hahahahaha?

  6. Customize your message?

  7. that is what some Chinese feel about cheese?

  8. Ever tried Fermented tofu before? Tell us what you think??

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