1. ???? in 90 ‘ is 2-3 bath now very expensive 10 – 12 – 20 baht

  2. Thank you! We appreciate you checking them out :)

  3. We did have that in Malaysia! :) I found that the one in Malaysia is a lot
    lighter and thinner in comparison to the Thai version. :)

  4. Quite similar to roti pisang in Malaysia.:) Looks yummy~

  5. hey mark!! i? see u have a new travelling friend!!! anyway i just wanna say
    that i love the videos of both of u guys and i hope u guys meet in real

  6. i bet it’s soybean oil they use NG, video is VG though, love your videos.

  7. You sure can!

  8. That’s too bad that you can’t get it where you are. It’s such a tasty
    treat! We’re going to miss it when we leave.

  9. We love it as well!

  10. ? Thailand

  11. I hate eggs, but I love bananas.

  12. It’s more like a very *very* thick pancake. :)

  13. Ic, thanks!

  14. Ying especially loves banana roti!

  15. That’s cool! Such a fun Thai street food to have any time of day.

  16. I’m more of a banana guy myself! The taste of the egg wasn’t very
    noticeable to be honest.

  17. In Bangkok U can eat 24 hr. 5555

  18. Wow, my mouth is watering now..It’s almost been 10 years since I tried it
    somewhere in Thailand but I still couldn’t forget its awesome taste. Too
    sad that I cannot find it in any Thai restsurants in my town.

  19. Come back to malaysia at kuala lumpur

  20. YUM!!! I love these videos with the food vendors!

  21. Thank you! Also, appreciate you letting us know about the soybean oil.

  22. Glad you like them. :) We’re trying to make more videos of the different
    foods you can eat at the various night markets around town so there’s more
    to come. ;)

  23. VIDEO: One of my favorite street food stall snacks in SE Asia is the banana
    pancake. In particular I think it’s done best in Thailand and Malaysia.
    What do you think?

    Eating Thai Banana Pancakes Roti in Chiang Mai, Thailand | Thai Street Food
    Travel Video

    With +Audrey Bergner ?

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