1. Thanks David! :)

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, also eating a lot of quantity from such food
    (frash) may not make you obese? Unlike other fast-food if you know what i
    mean. Althought, a person must do a work-out for a healthy body. Greetings
    from Morocco. XD

  3. That’s super exciting! Welcome to the land of smiles :)

  4. First comment I mean

  5. Your T-Shirt seem like it came from orangutan house melaka, Am I right? :)

  6. Thanks! The food was really good! So much variety to choose from :)

  7. You’re absolutely correct!!! :)

  8. Thanks Ahmed, you’re certainly correct about that. It was a diet fail kind
    of day for us.

  9. The food look so good

  10. Yum- I love food markets like that!

  11. This was a good market. We kept finding more treats we wanted to try. We
    were definitely stuffed by the time we reached the other end of the market.

  12. Chiang Mai Saturday Night market on Wua Lai Road, Thai street food and…
    where to go in night markets all over the world?

  13. I’m in Canada right now, leaving to Thailand today! How exciting!

  14. No, we haven’t been in Thailand long enough to pick up a lot of Thai. We
    just know a few simple words (like hello and thank you) and lots of food
    names. ;)

  15. That’s one of the places that I missed to visit during my trip in Chiang

  16. Thanks for leaving us your first comment. :) We hope you’ll come back to
    watch again.

  17. Thai Food In The Streets Of Chiang Mai Market

    Shared by: Mark Houck

  18. *Latest video!* Sampling lots of street food at the Saturday Night Market
    in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

    #streetfood #market #ChiangMai #Thailand #food #travel ?

  19. Dude, is so stoned…?

  20. Man, that video makes me hungry! But, IMO I wished you had given the prices
    of what you were eating, and where in CM this night market is located.?

  21. asians always cook weird food any steak and chips at those markets


  22. Eating Thai Street Food!?

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