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Eating Thai Vegetarian Food at Pun Pun Restaurant at Wat Suan Dok in Chiang Mai, Thailand

At the recommendation of a friend, we visited Wat Suan Dok in Chiang Mai, Thailand to eat Thai vegetarian food at Pun Pun Restaurant (formerly and briefly kn…

  1. damn! I became so hungry when I saw the spring rolls!?

  2. Oooo, that looked good! Sam’s curry looked especially delish. Trying to eat
    more veggies myself so these kinds of food are encouraging. Still laughing
    at Audrey’s interesting biting techniques. Almost looks like she
    miscalculates where the spring roll is. LOL?

  3. Eating Thai Vegetarian Food at Pun Pun Restaurant at Wat Suan Dok in Chiang
    Mai, Thailand?

  4. Samuel you always manage to get banana’s in everywhere you eat.?

  5. Hey guys, Are you planning to go to Bkk as well? We have moved there
    recently and we have started a travel channel (in french with english
    subtitles though). ?

  6. Loved the video u 2 :) But… WAS the salad dressing pumpkin based and what
    flavors did it have!! Im really into pumpkin recipes right now lol?

  7. Loving your South East Asian Chronicles! Please Keep ’em Coming!
    Amazing & Affordable food!?

  8. Wah what a great assortment of food!!!?

  9. What is the name of the guest house that you are staying at right now?

  10. I do love Pun Pun.?

  11. Your making my mouth water! Looks delicious! I feel like I was actually at
    that restaurant the last time I was in Thailand. Most likely will be
    heading back there this year to make a series of videos this time. Loving
    the vlogs you two!?

  12. Hey Sam, Elvis wants his glasses back?

  13. Senor Samuel you have the willpower of a Warrior the way you dipped those
    Amazing looking Spring rolls and held back those moments for the
    Camera….Incredible….Audrey….Love how you went with the Spring Rolls
    and the Salad strategy to not overdo it on the carbs lol because of that
    this is how I got to enjoy my spring rolls today….with a huge spinach
    salad with feta cheese and a sriracha dressing as my main meal. I didn’t
    even feel guilty at all. Thanks for this idea Audrey.?

  14. I love spring rolls!!?

  15. Why didn’t you guys go to India? :)?

  16. I had a do it yourself beer at a Korean restaurant here in Brisbane , it
    made me LOL , it was awesome , I quite like Korean beer some say it’s
    “bland” though it works well with Korean food ,
    I also like the oily fried rice flavour of the beer.?

  17. Great Vids, keep up the good work?

  18. Great videos y’all. Thanks for sharing,?

  19. dont gingers melt in Thailand??

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