1. Thanks you guys. Lots of times I have trouble getting an appetite to eat
    and when I look at some of the superb uploads I feel hungry. It’s so
    wonderful enlightening us on healthy foods and beautiful places. So BLESS
    YOU ALL> Thanks a million and take care!

  2. Hey Kung, yes, I especially love southern Thai food!

  3. i’m so hungry!

  4. Looks delicious. How much did all that cost?

  5. Thank your for watching!

  6. Yes, I can arrange food tours. If you head over to eatingthaifood[dot]com
    there’s more information. Thanks for watching.

  7. After watching this video i decided to go taste some of this food as i am
    vegetarian and was in Bangkok on 30th july,to my surprise it was very very
    far from the central bangkok about 40 Km! and there was no food served,it
    was Monday,they offered me some rice and vegetable soup which they had
    prepared for themself,then charged mw 50 Bhatt!!!which i couldnt eat
    all….the food at indra square mall food court was superb better than MBK
    you should check it out…

  8. Wow , looks good ,i love it , my family need these ,we are over weight here

  9. love thai food.

  10. Hey, I ate all that food and because they knew that I was going to write an
    article about them, they didn’t charge me, but just asked for me to put any
    amount in their donation box. However all the dishes are 20 – 40 THB or so
    – around $1 each.

  11. yuumm i can eat all that food

  12. Have you ever eaten Ahan Tai Ahan Nuea ?

  13. Yummy. I’m so hungry. That looks amazing

  14. why you vevetran ?

  15. Many of local vegetarian restaurants in Thailand closes on Monday (food
    stall on the road is also prohibitted on Monday). If it is the restaurant
    in the mall or the upper class one usualy open 7 days. Most of vegetarian
    restaurants close so early. Better check before you go. Bann Suan Pai as
    Mark told has many good varities…I agree ^_^

  16. Hey Chetan, sorry to hear you made the trek out there and there wasn’t even
    any food! It’s been over a year since I’ve been there, or heard anything
    about them, so not sure if they are still even operating or what. Have you
    been to Baan Suan Pai (if you search my videos, I did a video there)?
    That’s my favorite vegetarian place in Bangkok, but I’ll have to check out
    the spot at Indra square. Thanks!

  17. it all looks soooooo good! OMG i love to see lots of veggies spread out on
    a table. LOL

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