1. You’re awesome and you should delete nasty and mean spirited comments from
    people who are obviously tormented by their own self loathing. They have NO
    class and respect AND ARE EVIL. Anyway, keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Technically you did make fun of Owen’s last name but not directly

  3. love this.

  4. Fuc. That looks good

  5. yeah, well, i wasn’t in a very good mood!

  6. yeah, you kind of just have to block it from the forefront of your mind.
    i’m not at all a germaphobe, but public pools are pretty gross.

  7. all i know so far is that i am making a stop at the candy store that
    supplied breaking bad with their blue meth (actually just rock candy) a top

  8. do i say it in a weird way or something?

  9. -_- We don’t have public saunas in California, USA…

  10. yup i didn’t like him rambling either

  11. i’m pretty sure you guys have public pools with saunas . . .

  12. right? i feel like i could eat a whole tray of them.

  13. I was cracking up all throughout your rant. Relaxation and amusement is the
    best, and that soup looks yummy.

  14. The bestt

  15. Was your tom yum hot? For some reason in this video I keep thinking you’re
    eating a cold/warm bowl.

  16. oh my gosh!!!! human flesh? well, actually the pozole is a mexican stew,
    but with pork and corn and great tastes, i recommend you, the pozole is

  17. Whoa….you sir are mental.

  18. More coconut rice for the love of Christ.

  19. I’ve been watching ur videos for quite some time and I usually never
    comment,but I have to say that being a frequenter of a public swimming
    pool,I so agree with u about the endless stupidity and ignorance of the
    people who go.I mean u have ur regulars who r decent & respectful,We come
    to the place often & keep it clean,but then u have the fkrs who r just
    gross & dress like it’s a fkn porn shoot,seriously.WTF!!! Can’t fathom y
    they think it’s ok to talk to me either.I don’t fkn know u…fk off!

  20. I like the way you say coconut.

  21. I was about to fall asleep on my computer at 1:30, but this woke me up
    cause I kinda lost my sense of peace. Humans can’t possibly be THAT bad,
    right? We invented the microwave.

  22. Nah. I’m not sure it’s possible to whisper the word coconut and not sound
    odd. Sometimes I like to say in a whisper (as fast as possible):Let me slip
    into something a little more comfortable. BUT from now on I’m going to
    whisper (as fast as possible): Let me slip into something a little more

  23. Very interesting speech

  24. i really prefer when u just do the eating since people really get into the
    eating sound .. when u r talking, gonna wait for u to eat.>_>?

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