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Egg-Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken – Gordon Ramsay

Tenderising chicken breast and cooking it very fast means that it stays moist – perfect for this dish. This recipe cooks literally cooks in minutes – a healt…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Amazed to see him using metal tongs etc. and scraping away at the non
    stick. To anyone who cooks on a daily basis this is a no No NO !..
    Fragments of Teflon through the food and a ‘Stick ‘ pan within days.
    Between that ,his V boring recipe and his irritating narrative…A thumbs
    down from me :(?

  2. absolutely delicious ?

  3. “Roll over the chicken with a rolling pin. What this does is it sort of…
    flattens it.”?

  4. Sorry…. something bothered me a bit…..did he just scratched that non
    stick frying pan by using a metal tong?@.@ Perhaps he is rich enough to get
    a new pan every time he cook -.-?

  5. I am thinking that some raw cashews added to this dish would be a nice
    enhancement, or even adding pre-carmelized cashews that have been roasted
    with some maple syrup – either raw or carmelized cashews might give the
    chicken some sweetness and even more crunch. Yum!?

  6. Quick, simple, healthy, fresh, and delicious. That’s what real Asian
    cooking is all about. Love it ;) ?

  7. gordon ramsay dem noodle friednoodlles wok look straight up stupid?

  8. Why you’d want the garlic to be crispy, i have no idea. Crispy garlic =
    bitter garlic. :(?

  9. Wow, +Gordon Ramsay This is just thje 1st video of yours that I watched and
    I had to click the subscribe button… I would love to see more of your
    cooking… :) cheers :)?


  11. Thanks to you I’ve been learning some really good stuff! ?

  12. make these without the chicken and added more veggies and they were
    AMAZING! Thank you!?

  13. there are pans that are scratch resistant, out of normal household
    affordable price range. Anyway, I think this dish looks bland. Search for
    penang fried kway teow and you will know what I mean. Gordon’s other
    recipes are great, just stay away from ‘healthy’ asian if you know what I

  14. I love how Gordon respects good food. He is truly one of a kind.?

  15. Looks delicious but to me, it’s screaming out for some sesame oil and
    finely ground peanuts. I just got so hungry from this video.?

  16. Is it normal for a chef to be so wildly attractive? ?

  17. Oh! As I see that Ramsay use wok to fried noodles with egg and added some
    soy sauce. It’s remind me that something about ordinary noodles menu of
    Thai cuisine. This menu maybe the same with “Pad si io” that using dark soy
    sauce to flavor the noodles, but Ramsay was using light soy sauce and added
    lime for sour taste.

    But for myself, I lovely to use instant noodles that bought from
    convenience store and cook it the same as Ramsay’s. Prefer added some
    sweetness by using sugar and more spicy by added chili powder.

    Great menu for laziness people who was hungry. You get my score! Ramsay.?

  18. “The thinner the chicken the quicker it cooks”. NO WAY!?

  19. to watch you cook is fantastic. marry christmas Gordon :D?

  20. I’ll try to make this for my girlfriend now, wish me luck ^_^?

  21. You do realize that every time you talk about how ‘beautiful’ your own
    cooking is, it’s like watching you give yourself a pat on the back? I
    appreciate that you take the time to do these videos, but after watching a
    few in a row, it seems a little like hearing a guy moan during my (food)
    porn :|?

  22. I gotta say, watching Gordon Ramsay cook compared to cooking shows in the
    U.S., each time he’s cooking, it’s kind of relaxing.?

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