1. @saurabhgrover2715
    Blender are not good for mixing cake batter. You can use a hand blender or whisk by hand.

  2. @saurabhgrover2715
    Baking powder has soda bi carb plus other important ingredients.

  3. i use baking pwdr as well as soda-bi-carb. in my cake recipes… that means soda bi carb is nt necessary if we r using b.pwdr.??

  4. @saurabhgrover2715 : If you do a search on our website, we have a video and explain the difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder – it is a great video and explains everything.
    In this case, you are using Baking Soda (which is also a main ingredient in Baking Powder) and there is a souring agent (vinegar) in the recipe- which is a must to activate the Baking Soda. If there was no sour ingredient (yogurts, lime, vinegar) in the recipe, we’d have to use the Baking Powder.
    Hope that helps :)

  5. hi hetal i just tried that cake turn out perfect i want plain vanilla cake so i didnot add coco powder but its is a big hit

  6. @mini020107 : Thanks for letting us know, we are sure that will be useful information for other viewers as well.

  7. thank u so much :-)

  8. hiiiii…i tried this recipe nd it was really good…..i make it in a pressure cooker….nd i luv it….can u pls show some more recipes of eggless nd without condensed milk cake ?????THANK U ND LUV UR RECIPES

  9. @0610ankur : We will make a note of the request and add some more to our list :)
    Thanks for your feedback!


  11. Hi hetal, I tried tis recipe 2 day and it was perfect…. It was awesome…we enjoyed it….

  12. can we add butter in place of oil?

  13. Hey! thank u for ur recipe ! lol… it fell apart when i tryed to turn it over! lol! oh well! a working progress!!! thanks =D

  14. So lovely! I loved the recepie!
    Can you tell me how would I be able to bake it in a pressure cooker? Because I don’t have an oven…It would be really helpful.
    Thank you.

  15. what’s that vinegar for in the recipe?

  16. @SowjanyaNaganand
    When baking, the recipe must be followed exactly. Although butter can be used, since the moisture level is different in both, the quantities may change.

  17. @EkAks
    It activates the baking soda.

  18. Awesome recipe, I going to try to make it.

  19. Awesome recipe, I going to try to make it.

  20. what if i don’t have baking soda .. is there any replacement ?
    and can i replace vanilla extract with vanilla powder ? .. thanks


  22. @CherrYKoki unfortunatey there are no replacements foe baking soda but no need for vanilla extracts

  23. By oil wat kind of oil do I use?

  24. @3V655B1 : We use Canola Oil for majority of our cooking.

  25. good one

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