Enjoy the Mouth Watering Chicken & Sausage Choux

Requirements for this dish

a) corn- six ears

b) Chicken thighs- three pounds. It should contain the skin and the excessive fat should be trimmed off.

c) oil- one tablespoon

d) Hot sausage link – half a pound. The sausages must be sliced into half inches each.

e) onions- three. The onions must be chopped into small pieces

f) orange- one

g) bell pepper- one. It should be chopped into small pieces

h) Celery rib- one. It should be sliced.

i) Fresh thyme- two sprigs

J) cayenne pepper- half tablespoon.

k) cherry tomatoes-three fourth of a pound

l) Fresh basil- half a cup


m) Crusty bread

Nutrient value of the dish

Calorie content- 914 kilocalorie Carbohydrate contents- 92 grams Fiber content- 8 grams Fat content: 35 grams Protein content: 58 grams Sugar content: 17 grams\

How to cook this chicken recipe

Firstly prepare the chicken by removing the kernels and removing all the juice from the chicken. Even remove off all the cobs. Dry the chicken and then seasoning should be done with the help of pepper & salt. Now heat some oil in a large vessel or pot. The flame should be high. Heat the oil till it turns brown. Then transfer all the oil in a plate. Now put the chicken pieces into the plate. Then transfer them into another plate. Now fry the onions in a pan. Fry them till they turn light brown in color. Now add the bell peppers, thyme, cerely, cayenne & salt. Keep stirring the mixture. Cook it for around four minutes. Now add the corn and even the juices and cook the ingredients for another two minutes. Now add the tomatoes and the sausages. Now add the chicken pieces to the pan and cook till the chicken is cooked. Serve the dish hot with crusty bread.

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