1. Sounds like this dude will not be satisfied until he “learns the hard way”.?

  2. Men have ways to find women that do not involve bars. If I wanted a Thai
    girl, I would think of such ways, like volunteering at the local orphanage,
    or teaching ESL at a school, or volunteering on a farm for poor families,
    or learning to play a Thai instrument, or etc etc etc. A man could image
    countless such ways that suit his personality that do not involve the
    Pretty Woman delusion. These men need a serious kick in the nuts. No pussy
    is worth this much trouble. ?

  3. Having watched a bunch of your vids with these letters from Thailand I have
    to wonder how many of them are just trolling you.?

  4. Haha yep it’s still the same everywhere in the world so also in Thailand.
    Meet a lady at a university or in a normal place which can be hard because
    it’s a normal situation where 2 people have to connect.. you know real love
    which I don’t see a lot in places like Pattaya and such lol (grandpa with
    the bargirl..grandpa talking to the bargirl.. bargirl eating and pretending
    she is listening to his yapping). If it works out with the real lady you
    met in a normal place you can have yourself wife material. If you go to
    bars and clubs and pay them you are into prostitution is it so hard to
    understand? never fall in love with a hooker period. Not in Israel, Not in
    Thailand. ?

  5. scott you are so right about the game the women are on. That nurse girl
    when i backed off and said lets just be friends, well days later she found
    a “boyfriend” yet is willing to meet me aynways LOL Oh and today I just
    found her aunts profile on a dating site made in november even though she
    has had a boyfriend sh e has met overseas for a year now and is gonna get
    her a visa possibly (ive seen them together too). just goes to show that
    if a girl is ready to screw fast and do anything you want chances are she
    has an agenda. Definitely think playing the field (without them knowing)
    and not promising love and relatinships with girls is the way to go until
    your 100 percent.?

  6. “wait for her all day in the hotel” LOL – BIG fail
    this dude give us the Israelis a bad name…?

  7. I can’t believe this guy actually fell in love with a bargirl…?

  8. Good luck to him. He is going to need it!?

  9. Can i chain her to the cooker,whilst i’m out graftin ? haaarrrrrrrr
    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr ! Oh My Buddha ;]?

  10. Law of averages = very few men in america can get what they want or even
    ANYWHERE CLOSE to it no one wants american leftovers which most guys in
    america are stuck with. american was ranked bottom of 200 countries for
    women based on flirtaciousness LOL?

  11. You gotta write a book about all this stuff. Or have you already??

  12. I scammed a bar girl once out of some money. Problem is, you do that and
    word gets around.?

  13. Jesus cant save them all either, so no need to be disappointed?

  14. Unfortunately, this HO doesn’t have a clue why guys just want to bang her
    and nothing more. Even as a HO, she’s CLUELESS as to how men think!?

  15. I can’t imagine many Thai girls enjoying themselves in the West. I suspect
    they would be very lonely and unhappy there. On top of that, who in THEIR
    RIGHT MIND would want to live in a hell hole like Israel? Seriously??

  16. Don’t know if anyone saw this but Ozzie has posted a comment:

    “If she comes Isreal, she does not need money . She can buy in Isreal what
    she wants. Monthly allowance, u must be kiding.When she is with me as a
    wife, she does not work for me anymore.” Oz?

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