1. T-Shirt:
    “My Girl Is Not Different – She is Same Same” ;)?

  2. whats the paypal address..im getting membership?

  3. Really good video Scott, nice and clear.?

  4. LOL. 500 baht for each swear word into the swear jar? Who gets to keep the
    proceeds? Your kids? If you are not careful they will be earning more than
    a bargirl. hahahahahahaha?

  5. Hey Scott, SAME SAME?

  6. Thanks for the LOLs Scott.?

  7. again and again the same same storys…if anyone anywhere would watch your
    videos ( and you do them now more than a year I think ) would not even
    consider to believe that a thai bar whore is going to be the perfect
    lifepartner….to have a lasting realtionship w. a decent thai women
    requires a lot of skill and endurance….even a normal women there is not
    an easy case ( maybe in the begin ) ….
    I think the best advise for this guy would be to hang out with whores in
    his own country first…learn to know them and see what they are
    about….after this he should try thailand….seriously….?

  8. You need to do a fly fishing gesture every time some fool gets caught in a
    situation like this. ?

  9. I’m a former sex worker from the USA, now retired in Europe. I’m not one
    of those females who wakes up daily hating males. Some have asked me for
    advice and they really do not want to listen. It’s a fantasy to have an
    imported wife, such as Asiatic, and she’ll be a perfect servant. You’re
    better off hiring a maid and some good furniture! Everyone I know (male)
    who met a female on the ‘net, particularly the Asiatics, it’s come to
    grief. Living in Paris, we really rely on slow formal social introductions
    and it’s a way of vetting. My French spouse knew he was taking a risk with
    me as I’m older and “foreign,” and it’s hard being an immigrant and making
    a marriage work. I think I saw that clearer than he did, and I did warn
    him. People just want a plug-in partner, like a doll from a box. I knew
    this “nice Jewish guy” in NYC and he was just average looking and worked in
    the book trade. Guess where he finally found a girlfriend he married, and
    they are fine decades later? At a Jewish socials event! Very square, but
    quite formal and they both had their eyes wide open. I’m glad I gave him
    pep talks. Just because he was “average,” I felt he still had terrific
    qualities and had his feet on the ground and was a “catch” and I told him
    so! Many people have terrible self-esteem issues or else think they are
    God’s gift. People want to just snap their fingers and have the perfect
    life. feh?

  10. Okay, I’ve thought about this for a bit, and read Oz’s replies to comments
    below. Here is what I think is going on. Oz may have some sort of
    psychological condition (such as an autism-spectrum disorder) which causes
    him to be obsessive and to have difficulties in interacting with people.
    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing–most of the geniuses in Silicone
    Valley have a touch of autism. On the other end of the scale, though,
    low-functioning autistics have a hard time taking care of themselves. I
    think that autism may be more prevalent among Jews than among others. I
    mean, look at all of the Jews who have won Nobel prizes in the sciences.

    That may explain why Oz thinks that the only place for him to find a girl
    is in Pattaya–no where else in the world are the girls more in your
    face–and why he struck out in Chiang Mai of all places.

    There isn’t any cure for autism–although Oz may wish to have a
    psychologist evaluate him, so that he’ll at least have some awareness of
    possible limitations, and have some idea how to deal with them. An Asian
    bride is often the best solution for such people.

    Before he goes any further, he had better find out what the Israeli
    immigration requirements might be. In the USA, you have to have a minimum
    income and be able to show that you can support a wife. And, if she is a
    prostitute, then forget it. She won’t get a visa at all.

    His best bet might be to go to one of those marriage agencies in Thailand,
    and pick a girl that way. Also, he had better find out how much money
    he’ll need to send her family every month, and whether he can afford it.?

  11. I hope this Israeli guy keeps writing to you because your responses are so
    hilarious. I predict in 1 – 2 years time he will be writing to you telling
    you he is broke and how a bargirl stole all his money.?

  12. You’ve exposed the oldest profession in Thailand. This reminds me of an
    infamous character from Raiders of the Lost Ark named Dr. Belloq. Dr.
    Belloq is the French archaeologist and rival of Indiana Jones who famously
    said, “So once again, Jones, what was briefly yours is now mine.” These
    seasoned Thai women will just shred up foreigners wallets if they’re not

  13. You were hard on him,but on point.some people have to learn the hard
    way.but you did your job & the rest is on him?

  14. Hi Scott. I can’t remember how old this guy is, but he sounds like a
    teenager. Immature. either that or he is just dumb. You have already made
    it clear what he needs to do. And so have a lot of others, but he is not
    listening. Some people need to get themselves into trouble before there
    common sense kicks in. There isn’t much that you can do in a situation like
    that. All you can do is say good luck and let them get on with it. After
    all it is not your job to hold there hand and walk them through the process.

    Neil. ?

  15. Are you sure that Oz isn’t pulling your leg at this point? He went to
    Chiang Mai and Haadyai, and couldn’t get laid there? Haadyai (I may be
    spelling it wrong) is a huge weekend sex destination for Malaysian men. In
    fact, I once rode a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Haadyai. The bus was full of
    Malaysian men, who were giving me pointers. If he wants a prostitute–from
    what I understand, there are plenty of Russian and Ukrainian girls who are
    working in Tel Aviv, and who are poor and desperate.?

  16. 3:00 “Jauw chu”??

  17. OZ is so ignorant and desperate that a decent girl, if he even got to meet
    one ,would turn him down for sure.?

  18. whats the paypal address..im getting membership?

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