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Fettuccine alfredo – recipe

Fettuccine alfredo – recipe

Watch the calories:


You don’t want to eat fettuccine alfredo too often if you are concerned about your health. But every once and a while, I indulge myself with this absolutely wonderful dish. The major key to successfully making this relatively easy recipe is eating it promptly after it is made. If you wait, the butter and cream begin to gel and the taste changes amazingly fast. The change is one of the reasons I hardly ever order it in restaurants – it can sit on a counter too long waiting to come to my table. I also strongly recommend that you use fresh noodles. Finally, I want to make you aware that there are thousands of variations on the theme. You can add chicken, shrimp, ham, etc. if you want to expand on the basic recipe. In fact, the basic recipe, which comes from Rome, never included cream.


Ingredients (5 servings):


1 pound – fresh fettuccine pasta
¼ pound – pancetta
1 tablespoon – extra virgin olive oil
1 cup – heavy whipping cream
1 cup parmesan cheese
White pepper to taste
2 tablespoons – fresh Italian parsley




In a large pot, boil several quarts of water and add the fettuccine. It should only take a few minutes to cook if you are using fresh noodles. Meanwhile, fry the pancetta in a pan until the fat is translucent.


Pancetta frying in olive oil.

Pour the pancetta onto a paper towel and allow the oil to drain. Pour off any oil remaining in the pan and add the butter and cream. Melt the butter on a medium to medium low flame until it has melted.

Cream and butter.

Make sure the cream and butter are mixed well. Add the parmesan and mix until the sauce is well blended.

Just after the parmesan has been added.

Pour the sauce over the fettuccine along with the pancetta, Italian parsley, and pepper and mix thoroughly.

Fettuccine alfredo

Remember to serve immediately after you have mixed it. Bon appétit!

Jack Botticelli


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