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Fettuccine Alfredo

How to cook Fettuccine Alfredo the panlasangpinoy way. Visit us at

  1. @sandrodream1 I make all kinds of sauces and variations. I made chicken piccata w/ cream tonight. It was excellent. Will have to make risotto…haven’t in long time. best wishes.

  2. @kenfo0 ok good but I suggest you to cook a real italian food to follow this channel…search for it


  3. @sandrodream1 I know plenty of “real italians” who make/eat alfredo (cream, butter, cheese).

  4. @kenfo0 REALLY ??? incredible ! and what they say after eating that ? LOL ^^
    watch the channel Yellowsaffron on youtube there are hundreds of real italian dishes commented in english very very interesting ^^

  5. @sandrodream1 “REALLY ??? incredible ! and what they say after eating that ?”>> they usually say “that was delicious”, whereas you apparently annoy everyone within earshot with shrill whining about how it’s not REALLY italian so they should hate it. get a grip kid.

  6. @kenfo0 well I am joking ^^ Really I have to try it and soon i will try…my sister went in usa last summer and after coming back to italy she say that the food was a disaster because full of sausages and fried or in a unic plate there are 10 different foods mixed ! LOL I dont know american food I never eat, my sister had a bad opinion after she eat for 3 months in usa she have had total insofference for the american restaurants ! this not my opinion

  7. @sandrodream1 Eating in America is just fine, if one knows the value of good food. There are 3 excellent italian restaurants in my neighborhood, each run by Italian immigrants. The problem is that people go to olive garden or some such silly chain-restaurant and think they are eating “good food”. These places are the mcdonald’s of italian cooking. It is better to save up and have one really good meal a week than to eat 5x at mcdonalds. It just depends on the person’s choices.

  8. @kenfo0 you are right you have to know the right places where to eat. maybe my sister choose the worst “turistic” places ^^ LOL

  9. WHAT???? Please slow down and pronunciate….

  10. @sandrodream1 Alfredo was in Rome, Sandro – in via Della Scrofa to be precise. This dish is a variation on fettuccine al burro: the original recipe called for (lots of) butter being added before and after pouring pasta in the serving bowl. Fettuccine Alfredo has been big in USA since american tourists discovered this dish (Americans love cream and butter!) but you can still eat a gorgeous fettuccine Alfredo (fettuccine al burro served with gold cutlery) in via della Scrofa today.

  11. @UncleAstaroth Really ? I didnt know that ^^ Grazie for your explanation about this Alfredo ^^

  12. This guy is the best..In making our love ones smile


  14. @colcenterlady indeed! i am with you! don’t understand all the fuss over this vid when the guy clearly made it for his filipino viewers… for all other natios, chill people…

  15. if u notice the end the egg becomes little pieces still not very perfect…..

  16. I think you forgot seasoning…

  17. What you are passed off as truth is in Italian only shit …
    Only the name is Italian … I imagine that sucks.

    Italy sucks in many aspects .. but his food is untouchable.

  18. thanks panlasangpinoy

  19. No measurements :(

  20. @EquestrianandBimmers go to the website

  21. hi, can you use cheddar cheese instead? medyo mahal ang parmesan at romano dito sa pinas e :)

  22. @mclbelen Thank you, God Bless!!!

  23. Alfredo ru cazz….

  24. @Celie3678 HAHAHHAHAHAHA

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