1. great recipe

  2. this is great pandesal im going to make it and let you know thank you so much

  3. Good job! Will try to do the same for my first homemade pan de sal this week end! I always buy in the store and I hope homemade is better and taste better!
    Thanks for sharing! You are the best! I hate reading so watching this helps !

  4. are you filipino(just asking not trying to offend you)

  5. @xxBeBeCaKeZxx No. Im not Filipino, but my wife of 25 years is and we live in the Philippines when we arent off in other parts of the world (like London now)

  6. @cborientalfoods thats so cool i always wanted to go there can you bring me a gift lol thanks for finally replying :)

  7. i luv this recipe the best

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