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FLog Day 20 • Thai Cooking & Bonus Footage from Yesterday

Yesterday’s Vlog: WHAT I AM WEARING Jumper: Topshop (website: Coat: Topshop (website: http:…

  1. Wow feel like auch a fail, watching this while heatin a microwave burger

  2. LOVEE the cooking vids!

  3. can you do your granola recipe? it look sooo good!!! XXX

  4. revlon colorstay :)

  5. great idea to slice that carrot! need to bare it in mind when I cook
    something in my wok again

  6. Your own place*

  7. Love watching the speed up cooking! looks really yummy!

  8. summer time <3

  9. the more cooking and food the better!!! :)

  10. i also go to shop only for milk, and then end up buying everything :Dd

  11. I seriously want to hang out with you one day! I reckon we’d have a laugh!
    ;) X

  12. uploading now/tomorrow :)

  13. green thai curry paste :)

  14. More cooking videos!

  15. you make me so hungry when i watch your vlogs ahah, i need to try out all
    these healthy dinners they always look so nice !

  16. Almond milk is so good!

  17. I think it would be cool if you did actual cooking vids and vids on what
    you eat in a day! It would be nice to learn from you and get ideas (like
    why you eat fruit in the morning- i never knew that!)

  18. You seem to eat really healthy !

  19. Yaaaay!!! I from Thailand :D love your videos!

  20. Tuesdays are always so busy out in edinburgh!!

  21. She lives with her dad! I’m assuming he works during the day + she doesn’t
    film when he can hear her.

  22. thai food is my fave :)

  23. I had read before that soy contained an estrogen-like compound that they
    thought lead to cancer, but it ended up being untrue as far as they know.
    They’re still researching it. My mistake. :)

  24. Think Tom got abit tipsy to say the least, the new nicki minaj;)

  25. what igridients did you use to do the thai cooking???

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