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Full Day of eating – Part 1: Smoothies, Thai Food & more!!

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  1. Please in English!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your videos are great for anyone interested in living a long life. Good
    nutrition, dynamite exercise, motivation. Practice your poses, Mischa, you
    are ready. In sixteen weeks walk on the stage as if you are there just to
    pick up your first-place trophy.

  3. That stuff is called oat bran man!

  4. Das Müsli ist ja mal völlig unnötig… Mach doch einfach Haferflocken, ein
    bisschen Whey Schoko rein und dann ein paar gefrorene oder frische
    Himbeeren in ein Tasse dann in die Mikrowelle und über die Haferflocken…

  5. how long have you been working out?

  6. I hate you! I want a six pack too. Lol

  7. 140 fats!?! Holy fuuark

  8. Natural my ass !!!!

  9. More of these videos would be cool.

  10. Hey Mischa, damit deine englischen follower dich auch verstehen: Müsli =
    Cereals, Müsli gibts nicht im englischen ;)

  11. quad fat storage? lucky… lol

  12. 250 ml of milk isn’t the same as 250 grams. place a liquid measuring cup on
    your scale and fill it up to 250 ml, that’s the weight in grams you should

  13. Awesome video micha

  14. Wo wohnsch? Komme Alk holen ;)

  15. Wegetables lol

  16. Ja 2 Jahre alt das zeug^^

  17. Love ur videos man !! Why so high on fat intake ??? U dont count ur
    maltodextrin as sugar in the day ?? How much u taking of malto ??

  18. liked. more of these vids please. Polskaaaaa!

  19. More food videos but in ENGLISH!!!!


  21. these food vids are awesome, keep them coming

  22. Ist Weizenkleie eig. gut? Oder ehr nicht, weil ja Weizen”mehl” ??? Also
    lieber Hafer-, Roggen- und/oder Dinkelkleie ??

  23. How the hell did I not hear of ur channel bro..i like how u dnt follow all
    these other fitness clowns on youtube & u jus do ur own thing!!..right on
    keep the vids coming bro!!?

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