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General Tso’s Pork , Authentic Chinese Cooking.

Retired Chef Fai, been receiving lot of request for pork version of that famous General Tso’s Chicken. so, for those who like pork meat! here is the version …
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  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. your very welcome.

  3. Can you make a how to on a chicken teriyaki including the sauce and how to
    make the chicken so tender. thanks!?

  4. I’ve made it. And it was delicious. : )?

  5. I just made this half a hour ago for a house of 5 guys, I doubled the
    recipe :) cooked it in my new wok and it turned out amazing! Everybody
    loved it, thanks so much Happy Wok.?

  6. Holy Cow..errr… I meant Pig!!! This is exactly the same as what my dad
    did years ago. and I like the dark sauce because he uses extra old soy
    sauce. I can just smell the monitor now….LOL ?

  7. Please post a how to video for deep fried prawn. I have always wondered how
    to make the correct fluffy batter.?

  8. You really need to put sound in your recipes?

  9. to Petri T : look like you know how to cook. good for you. we are on the
    same boat. yes! sauce looks dark. because i used my parents original
    Cantonese recipe uses dark soy sauce. but normally, i used light soy sauce,
    for healthy purpose. thanks for watching.?

  10. This looks fantastic! Thanks so much or another great vid!?

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