1. Thanks for sharing

  2. your very welcome.

  3. Can you make a how to on a chicken teriyaki including the sauce and how to
    make the chicken so tender. thanks!?

  4. I’ve made it. And it was delicious. : )?

  5. I just made this half a hour ago for a house of 5 guys, I doubled the
    recipe :) cooked it in my new wok and it turned out amazing! Everybody
    loved it, thanks so much Happy Wok.?

  6. Holy Cow..errr… I meant Pig!!! This is exactly the same as what my dad
    did years ago. and I like the dark sauce because he uses extra old soy
    sauce. I can just smell the monitor now….LOL ?

  7. Please post a how to video for deep fried prawn. I have always wondered how
    to make the correct fluffy batter.?

  8. You really need to put sound in your recipes?

  9. to Petri T : look like you know how to cook. good for you. we are on the
    same boat. yes! sauce looks dark. because i used my parents original
    Cantonese recipe uses dark soy sauce. but normally, i used light soy sauce,
    for healthy purpose. thanks for watching.?

  10. This looks fantastic! Thanks so much or another great vid!?

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