Cranberry gluten-free loaf recipe. Conversions – 225g = 8oz. (1/2 pound)or about 2 US cups Gas Mark 5 = 375 Fahrenheit or 190 celcius (moderately hot) NB: Make sure the batter is quite moist (gluten-free flours soak up moisture). At its best eaten warm or (after aa day or so) toasted. Although not bad on its own, cold. Use a sharp knife to cut it. Also, different sorts of gluten-free flours produce slightly different textures. Rice flour produces quite a ‘cakey’ mix that is better untoasted than one made with pre-prepared, shop-bought gluten-free ‘bread’flour (which tends to end up with a harder, more bready loaf that almost certainly needs toasting). Experiment.
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  1. i know this video was posted some time ago!!! but i just made this and it was wonderful !!!!

  2. Excellent – glad it worked out well.

  3. love this recipe. Made several different versions of it so far. Very fast and easy. thnx!

  4. That would be good with some nice creamy butter.

    Too bad you can’t eat wheat, there’s nothing (food-wise) I love more than good bread.

  5. The confusion here is that she’s misusing the terminology. 2 cups is 16 fluid ounces but she’s saying that 2 cups will end up being about 1/2 lb worth of stuff, but that really depends on how dense the ingredient in question is. Like 2 cups of honey won’t weigh 1/2 pound, I can tell you that much.

  6. Great video Elise, I enjoyed your approach and humour!!

  7. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the loaf if you make it.

  8. You’re funny, Elise. I wish you’re my neighbour :)

  9. Thank you!

  10. You are like a bundle of cuteness! Out of all the recipe videos I’ve seen your’s is the most entertaining!

    To make fluffier bread mix different kinds of flour, also Xanthum gum is artificial gluten and safe for you to eat (unless for some strange reason you are allergic to that too… that would be weird)

  11. Now that I read most of the other comments (should have done that first…) also mixing a few flowers and then adding xathum gum should make it fluffier… not that I’m a xathum gum expert or anything!

  12. Yes, it comes out very differently using different flours. The bread flours with the xantham gum make it more breadlike and certain others more cakey. Unfortunately I find a lot of the ‘bread flours’ make the baking a little too hard. The xanthum gum does help it seem more like wheat bread a bit but it doesn’t have the same elasticity as actual gluten. This loaf should be good to eat without toasting – though it depends very much on the flour you choose!

  13. lol Now I know you know all about that! The bread did look awesome. BTW, are you just allergic to gluten or do you have celiacs?

  14. I am allergic to wheat (it makes my tongue swell almsost immediately) and don’t know if I am coeliac as when I had the test I had already been avoiding gluten so it might not have given a correct reading.

  15. You’re a pretty awesome woman.

  16. Thanks for putting that up. Im just new to Celiacs so its great to see recipes in action! Its so lovely that you take the time to share what you know with others! Cheers from nz!

  17. @Mrsbusylizzie1 glad I could help. This recipe turns out very differently depending on the flour you choose to use so it’s best to experiment to get the texture you want (some are bready but some turn out more cakey!)

  18. “It doesn’t matter- just get it in” LOL Classic!!!

  19. We have celiac disease and live a Gluten-free lifestyle as well. If you are interested in learning more Gluten-free recipes, watch our new episode on simple snacks and subscribe for future delicious meals!

  20. i have been using your recipe for the past two years…it is SOOO versitile, and is pretty much my go-to substitute for cakes…i’ve done it with prunes, apricots, rosemarry, and even one batch with buddha’s hand citron…have you ever tried adding a few tablespoons of ground almonds? it makes the texture more cake-like :)

    again, thank you for keeping this poor celiac boy alive and cake-filled!

  21. @bellsprouts glad to have helped. Reminds me I need to make some more.

  22. Almonds are very good, yes. I have another bread recipe to make in a microwave that has almonds. Maybe I should make that on camera too.

  23. mmmmm… can’t wait to try this. This would be perfect on love it.

  24. thanks for this!.you save this starving girl lol.i did mines the vegan way with two flaxseed eggs[ 6 tbs hot water with 2 tbs flaxseed flour],2 tsp raw agave,pinch of sea salt,1 tsp of apple cidar vinegar so that it can raise[it causes food to raise when there is baking soda],pinch of cinnamon, rice flour that i grind myself,soya time im going to adjust it to be 100% exactly like bread instead of bread & cake texture but this was still good.

  25. Your gluten free loaf is totally awesome !!!

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