1. LMAO! Gordon picked a boogie at 1:11!

  2. He’s actually quite pleasant when he’s not making people cry :D

  3. kids in third world countries get more on a plate

  4. Hollandaise is made with butter. Mayonnaise is made with oil. He did a wonderful mayo! not a hollandaise!

  5. @neonachoxx

    not true. Hollandaise sauce is made with *clarified* butter, for which oil is about as direct a substitute as you can get. so he made the right call; he actually mentions this in the video itself.

  6. @thefreymeister its obvious that would be clarified butter (after all.. its an emulsion)… but the main diference btw mayo and holly are the oil vs butter

  7. @neonachoxx mayonnaise does not cook the yolks and it’s a cold emulsionated sauce, and hollandaise lightly cooks the yolks over a bain marie and it has to be served hot, but you’ve to be careful not to overcook the them, otherwise you’ll have scrambled eggs

  8. What the hell? That’s $40 of ingredients just for a home cooked meal?? definitely not happening with my budget …

  9. It’s so lovely to see and hear how passionate he is about food! And also the dish, how beautiful!

  10. omg i love salmon

  11. @SkitAnon lol

  12. @comfortablesofa yeah, good to know

  13. @comfortablesofa it’s not more expensive than buying good steaks for 4 – 5 persons

  14. what a freaking waste of the skin

  15. i like the way he says ‘bottom’ in his accent. Its awesome :)

  16. @SkitAnon LOL!

  17. @humpingbird not really if you steam fish the skin is slimy and not at all pleasant to eat. However, if its pan-fried it becomes nice and crispy and a pleasure to eat.

  18. Gordon Ramsay Looks like If Chris Jericho had a kid with John C. Reilly

  19. Gordon Ramsay Looks like If Chris Jericho had a kid with John C. Reilly.

  20. my mouth starting watering… haha

  21. The salmon looked so sad and helpless…

  22. damn ramsay is energetic. hes always moving around.lol

  23. If you’re asian like me, you gut it at home and eat every single part Gordon didn’t.

  24. 190? that is Celsius right?

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