Learn how to make Gulab Jamun Dessert. View full recipe at www.manjulaskitchen.com INGREDIENTS: Makes about 10 1-Cup nonfat milk powder ¼ Cup all purpose flour 3-Tablespoon room temperature unsalted butter ¼ Cup room temperature whole milk Pinch of baking soda For Syrup 11/4 Cup sugar (cane sugar) 1-Cup water 4-Coarsely grounded cardamom 4-Saffron string optional Oil for deep-frying (canola oil)
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  1. I’m sure I ate these on a P&O cruise ship, they’ kind of taste like little balls of donuts with a sticky syrup outer part right?

  2. @glitteringglaring
    I have never used Ghee to make Gulab jamuns, try and let us know the result.

  3. I tried this recipe , i used dried skimmed milk powder , gulab jamuns tasted very bitter and they became very soft after i dip them in sugar.Aunty pls help

  4. These look very nice. But I used skim milk powder and the recipe simply did not work at all, should i only use full cream milk powder?

  5. @glitteringglaring DO NOT USE GHEE, I used it and it RUINS the jamuns..

  6. Gulab means Rose.
    Without Rosewater/ essence the flavor will not be there to suit the name ! You HAVE to add Rosewater/ essence ! Saffron etc are not enough.

  7. Thanks so much for this recipe! just one question first befor I give this a try… for the oil that you deep fry them in what type is it or does it matter?

  8. @1985sonam try using whole milk powder, without the cardamom, Haribol

  9. @gilljasrine Another problem is your oil may be too hot. The proper temp for cooking these is about 230-240 degrees F. If your oil is too hot then you may develop cracks in them.

  10. This video is really great.

    I use “instant” pre-mix gulab jamun powder (where you just add water or milk and fry in oil or ghee). I was having problems with the balls not being round and they were burning in the oil, and not cooking through.

    But this video shows what I was doing wrong. Now I know how to roll the balls with the palms of my hands, and to cook in oil on a much lower heat. I wish the packet had told me it would take 7 minutes!

    Thanks for posting the video.

  11. i followed everything…it just melted away after i put them in the oil…it just became powder why????

  12. Hi Aunty ji i really like to make the Gulab Jamun.could you kindly say the name of the flower.where can i get them from. i am from uk.I love your cooking
    Thank you xxx

  13. This is verry good if you use 1 cup of Maple syrup and 1/2 cup of water for the warm syrup (bring to a boille before dipping and turn it off)

    I usualy serve with a side of fresh whiped cream

  14. Hi aunty!Am your new follower.I have tried your carrot halwa and it was a real success.

    I tried your gulab jamun too.But it did not come out well.The problem is-when i put gulab jamun in the syrup,it absorbs a lot of water,becomes very big and finally breaks.When about to serve,it’s not possible to take it out as balls,it breaks into powders and tastes only syrup,nothing else.

    Could you please tell me what the problem would be?

  15. @frksrok You have used too much baking soda.

  16. Namaste Aunty,
    Do you have a jalebi recipe posted here on youtube? I would like to try it.
    Thank you

  17. Thank you. You are doing a great service to us all living abroad. I am learning a lot from you. I have never thought of doing these Indian sweets !! But now I am making these and all my friends are enjoying my Gulabjamon. Thanks

  18. How long do I need to boil the syrup for? And how long to i need to leave the cake in the syrup?

  19. @mOOnpEEls
    Boil the syrup for a minute and take out the gulabjamun about after half an hour or serve with syrup.

  20. auntie which oil r u using???

  21. @alaina7221
    I like to use canola oil

  22. This looks amazingly tasty i cant wait till my fast is over so i can cook it

  23. hi aunty ji……i hav a question….when should we put gulabjamun in syrup…..immediately after frying or on room temperature after frying…..my gulabjamuns were very very soft n loose their shape after putting in syrup….

  24. @ishu0506
    put gulabjamun in syrup, on room temperature after frying.

  25. Yummy am hungry lol… :D

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