1. Hey Scott can you use ground sirloin insted?? It has less fat.You might have to cook it longer because of that .

  2. Yes, sirloin would work just fine, but as you said, you’d have to cook them a little longer.

  3. Great video Scott! I’ve got a ton of ideas going now. I’m think’n of let’n the kids chose what they want on their “squeelers”(they’d like that name).

    Let me guess, your griddle is from Lodge Mfg and on the other side it has grates. I have one just like that, I use it on my smoker where I do most of my cook’n.

    I like it when you try the food, or cut it open for us to see. Good luck in the NW.

  4. I agree, ground sirloin would be fine and the fat from the bacon would help “juice” up a leaner meat etc.

  5. I love it! He substitutes the word “liquid” for GREASE!!!
    Whichever it is these are delicious.

  6. omG these look so delish i wish i could come through the screen gotta try these

  7. Scott, there is so very much fat and cholesterol on that plate! And it looks so very, very tasty! Mmm. I’ll be watching for an excuse to make these.

    Great vids.

  8. oh my that’s an awesome idea for dinner tonight. :) thanks so much. i’ll be watching your other videos!

  9. Well done, by the way, you did a very good job! :)

  10. how long would I be able to keep the hamburgers good in the fridge without cooking them ? and will I be able to freeze them and use them like 3 months later ?

  11. Once you make the hamburger mixture it can be formed into patties and frozen until ready to use. About three months tops.

  12. those are adorable :D i must give them a try :D

  13. Looks great.

  14. This looks awesome!
    I’m going try this out for sure.
    I look forward to more videos like this. :D

  15. Scott,
    I am a shreveport girl and first found your video’s when I was looking for a au gratin recipe and found yours, which is wonderful BTW! I make it all the time and people ask me to make it all the time. Anyway, Now I always come back to see your new video’s and recipes, not only do the recipes always taste delicious, the video’s just bring a smile to my face! I really enjoy it! Thank you for sharing!

  16. lol looks wonderful really

  17. yummy !!

  18. You’re Awesome it’s over 9000 Thumbs up

  19. great video and recipe scott

  20. omg that looks orgasmic

  21. You know, I didn’t know that these were what squealers were until now. It’s funny because I live in the south..lol. Anyways, when we have our deer meat processed, the taxidermists that slice and dice the meat (ground for burgers, a few steaks, and some jerky) actually grind bacon with the deer meat to give it a fatty hamburger meat like texture-deer meat doesn’t have that much natural fat. Very lean. Will try THIS recipe this coming weekend.

  22. You are absolutely the best! Can you substitute the beef for ground turkey? I can not wait to try these…

  23. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try them.

  24. I love this guy. Can´t wait to try this

  25. I tried this recipe today it was delicious! Thank you for such a great recipe, I can’t wait to try some more of your delicious dishes :)

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