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Hangzhou Street Food is some of the Best and Cheapest in the World

Watch this guy make this wrap that tastes like a mix of a Mexian Taco and Chinese Deliciousness. We’re not sure what it’s called.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. wtf why can’t we have some over in the us?

  2. yUMMY, BET??

  3. Cilantro tastes like soap, who wants soap on their food? Not me.?

  4. Nice video! I also love Chinese street food. Check out the Chinese street
    food videos on my channel if you have a few extra minutes.?

  5. I live right next to one of these stands. The best drunk food. ?

  6. look like roti canai?

  7. Taiwanese shou zhua bing. I miss :(?

  8. For those claiming this dish to be prepared in X country originaly,
    remember that food origins are always complicated resulting from the
    cultural mixes in the past. Just because you see something as a typical
    dish in your country does not mean it is originally from there, here in
    Mexico most people believe those thin breads (which we call wheat
    tortillas) to be 100% mexican, while the truth is that because of it being
    too simple it probably has multiple origins around Turkey and India. In any
    case, the most amazing dishes have arisen from those mixes with cultures,
    the exchange of ingredients and the innovation that comes from trying to
    prepare regional dishes with the ingredients available. Thats why the
    middle eastern countries, india and spain have such good food, because of
    their cultural history. So embrace food globalization and hopefuly one day
    we will all just say that food is good, instead of arguing about trivial

  9. It looks like great street food but the people yammering on in the
    background is incredibly annoying.?

  10. Bunch of dorky yanks

  11. STFU already!?

  12. real eggs or fake eggs??

  13. same like in malaysia called “roti canai”?

  14. This is actually taiwan?

  15. looks like kebab?

  16. look out for that sewer oil going around china?

  17. “He’s thinking. it’s on cam. now i have to make this perfectly” No Sir;
    more like this..
    “these tourist f*cks don’t know i straight moulded this dough after pulling
    out my wife’s ass.”?

  18. $1.30, that’d be $4-5 easy in the US.?

  19. Soooooooo goooood?

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