www.HippyGourmet.com http www.SupremeMasterTelevision.com In this segment from Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet TV, we meet up with Sunny Mueller from the Vegetarian House in San Jose, California. Sunny shows us one of the restaurant’s famous vegan dishes, Healthy Brown Rice with sesame seeds and fresh organic veggies! Vegetarian House is much more than an incredible vegan restaurant it’s part of a global organization founded by Supreme Master Ching Hai, who delivers compassion and goodwill to people and animals in need all over the world.
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  1. Need food so hungry.. Must start cooking, brb.

  2. I have to try this at home and have my friends over; looks delicious and healthy.
    Way to go Sunny boy!!!!Yippie, hippy gourmet…

  3. That looks awesome! :D

  4. It looks great!

  5. God i’m so freakin hungry right now…

  6. I had to go make dinner after watching the veggie sushi and this one. :)

  7. Rice cultivation causes such horrible amounts of methane emissions, though. You should be using regular dry land grain like barley and wheat for things like this.

  8. It looks delicious!

  9. That looks good’ but what are liquid aminoes?

  10. Liquid Aminos is a tasty liquid protein containing essential and nonessential amino acids that we all need, derived from soybeans and may be used in a variety of foods. Vegetarians and vegans get their protein from Liquid Aminos…so its healthy and very good, try it =^_^=

  11. Braggs Amino Acids are the best. You can pick this up at mosst health food stores.

  12. I dont want to offend you, but why do you guys prefer liquid aminoes to a nice piece of organic meat?

  13. i`m a vegetarian and this is the 1st time i`ve heard about that liquid amino thing. you can live without it AND without meat.

  14. Because you can get your protein incredibly easy from sources that don’t require killing anyone or putting your own health at risk. Organic or not, meat isn’t in any way ethical or very healthy for you.

  15. I tasted this dish yesterday at Lovely Hut, a vegan restaurant. It was delicious!

  16. soy sauce (the Briggs Liquid Aminos is a variant of soy sauce but is not fermented – its ‘live’ food – but tastes just like a slightly watery soy sauce.

  17. It’s a great looking dish. I’ll give it a try but without the sugar.

  18. I wanted to know what type of brown rice should I use or how to make it bcuz I followed the instructions and my rice came out hard and tasteless!

  19. This place is AMAZING!

  20. Yikes that looks like a lot of sesame seed oil!

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