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Homemade Chili Beans

Homemade Chili beans are great for chili’s, casseroles or anything that requires the great flavor of chili!

  1. Looks Good but, I thought ChiliBeans had Meat in them ? Are these Beans
    Sweet ? Because you put Sugar in them.

  2. Very nice video, and really informative. I’m sure the taste of the final
    product will be worth the prep time.

  3. Oh my goodness those beans look delicious, although I am sure you do not
    need me to tell you that :) I am going to try making these. Thank you for
    the video.

  4. Oh my goodness that is a lot of spices!!! :)

  5. Please provide the amounts/measurements. This is the only homemade chili
    bean recipe I can find and it looks really good! Thank you!!

  6. You can add meat if you wish, however that would limit the use of these in
    other dishes if you wanted something other than chili. The sugar helps
    balance the vinegar and salt, if you didn’t see me put the sugar in you
    would have never recognized it in the flavor, it pretty cool

  7. Could you post the measurements? Thank you.

  8. IM NOT putting them in contaners, im gonna eat them, haha! nice :O)

  9. I have posted an ingredient list, sorry for the delay!

  10. @YouGenie Yes, lots of spices……….just the way the Noveltycooker likes
    it! LOL Actually the flavor turns out good with the added water and long
    simmering process, got lots of compliments on these in some of the chili”s
    I make.

  11. Clara…..yes a days work but well worth it! Can’t desribe the great aroma
    as these beans cook and get saturated with flavor!

  12. I have posted the measurements, sorry for the delay!

  13. Many have asked for an ingredient list……here it is! 1lb of dry beans
    (pick your favorite) 1 TBL onion powder 2 TBL paprika 1 TBL Garlic powder
    1/2 to 1 cup of your favorite chili powder 4 cups H2O after the beans have
    been softened 2 TBL Salt 1 TBL or less if you wish sugar 2 TSP vinegar ( I
    used apple cidar vinegar) Enjoy and let me know if anybody tries these and
    how it worked out for you!

  14. Could you give us an ingredient list please? Would love to try and make
    these myself.

  15. looks wonderful its a days work right???? thanks for the vid… clara

  16. I have posted an ingredient list…….enjoy!!

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