1. Came out delicious !!!?

  2. OMG! i am salivating soooo badly as you cut through the meat with a pair of
    seasaws… i just checked my pantry, I have everything except the meat!!
    alright, i am gonna jog to the shops to pre-burn the calories and make it
    and EAT!! YUM YUM YUM!?

  3. Wow! You’re so talented!! Looks real good! :) ?

  4. Now I trying n letter just to know yummy or… :D ?

  5. My oven is not a toaster oven, just a normal fan-forced one. Next time I
    will bake at 160 Celcius for 15-20 min each side and then place it under
    the grill for 5-10 min each side.?

  6. I take shau shing wine so dont like bak kwa le …. like malaka kai zai
    beng ?

  7. Wooow yummy :-D?

  8. I’ve tried similar recipes of this dish that I found online. However I’ve
    never managed to replicate the awesomeness of the product I’ve tried from
    Hong Kong. The texture just never seems right, I think that maybe using
    supermarket minced meat is not the right way to go. I dont know I will keep

  9. You made my mouth water…..I am going to do this…..thank you.?

  10. Excellent format in the presentation. Instructions came across loud and
    clear without the chef’s voice. Bravo! ?

  11. :D thanks for your recipe. these are good just made them mine came out
    great :D?

  12. I just made in last week ago, and I extra more than 3 tablespoons honey, 3
    tablespoons oyster sauce, and more sesame seeds, I also used the same brand
    as your recipe tesco sweet sherry wine, because my family just loved the
    stronger tastes and I marinade up to 24 hours, hehehe… It’s really soooo
    yummy!!! … seriously, my husband said it’s more good than shop selling.
    thank you very much for your video. I will definately make again in this
    chinese new year and extra spicy in the flavor. I’m really so happy! Merry
    Christmas, Josephine! will always support your channel and thumbs up.
    please keep it up and sharing your awesome recipes to us :D ?

  13. Yummy….?

  14. i can watch your videos all day!! i love your music and your style, it’s so
    refreshing and useful! Love you!! xox?

  15. thx u for the recipe, just made one fresh from the oven *yummmyyy*?

  16. This looks awesome! Never made my own jerky.?

  17. why your ingredients got char siew sauce but your video don’t show you
    adding it? is it an optional or what??

  18. If I can’t find cream sherry, what other alcohol I can replace with?

  19. Ppl if you have fan forced oven, please reduce the time or temperature. Or
    else you’ll end up eating black card board if you still have your teeth and
    like the taste!?

  20. It looks great! I amm definitley going to try it out. Just what question:
    What should I add to make a spicy version? Chili oil? Thanks!?

  21. Thank you so much! Our local provider stopped making these since she became
    a Buddhist and nobody else knew how to do it.?

  22. Nice packaging ! Beautiful n yummy Bak kwa!!!thumb up!?

  23. wow with the honey on top that has to be so sweet. It sounds real yummy,
    but i think it might make my teeth explode ^^?

  24. This kind of presentation didn’t work for me. I think I got the gist, but
    nothing really stuck.?

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