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Homemade Chinese Stir Fry Sauce Recipe

This is The Bald Chef’s recipe for homemade Chinese stir fry sauce. For more information on this Chinese Homemade Stir Fry Sauce…

  1. Nice Chef I make all most the same sauce/marinade except I use honey in
    stead of sugar it is one great sauce…..

  2. Wow thanks for your kind words about my homemade Chinese stir fry sauce. I
    am happy to hear you made a great stir fry. You need to let it marinate for
    a bit and you can change up the spices to your liking. This homemade sauce
    works great and beats the store bought sauces by a mile. I am glad you
    enjoyed this little cooking tip. Cheers!

  3. Great look’n stir fry sauce Colonel Glen C Izett. Thumbs up! Probst.

  4. I got this idea when we were posting the other day. The truth is Chinese
    House Sauce is the key to a great stir fry! I use this homemade stir fry
    sauce when I cook most of my stir fry recipes. Thanks for your comment.

  5. If you want to make great Chinese stir fry you need the right sauce. The
    homemade stir fry sauce is spot on and you need to give it a try! Thanks
    for the comment.

  6. Excellent video Glen! Very good information!

  7. Chef, so you know what I am talking about making any good Chinese stir fry
    recipe requires a good homemade stir fry sauce. I think the honey might
    work better than the sugar good idea!

  8. I love this sauce, Glen! I prefer homemade, so thanks for sharing!!

  9. Those look like chili peppers,NOT peppercorn.What type of chilies are
    those? I looked up Szechuan chili pepper and nothing came up, except in
    images the same peppers as you have are pictured. Can we substitute
    Szechuan peppercorns (i think easier to find) and how much would we use?
    How different are they? Reading about the peppercorns they are described as
    not hot, but tingling. I have seen little hot peppers in chinese food, but
    they are very hot, and not sure what type they are. Thanks

  10. TY so much.

  11. This homemade Chinese stir fry sauce. It is in fact the base for any good
    stir fry and it does not contain any chemicals. I thank you for your kind
    words about my knowledge about Chinese cuisine.

  12. I made your sauce last night and it was amazing!!!! I wasn’t able to let it
    marinate 24hrs and it still rocked!! The only 3 things I was missing was
    the white pepper, chilies & thick soya (will search for those). I fast
    fried 3 chicken breasts coated with garlic salt, soya s. and 1 egg white,
    then did the veggies. Mixed it all together & added your sauce & 2T
    cornstarch in 1/4c water + 2 scallions. Served over rice noodles. BEST STIR
    FRY I’VE MADE IN 20 YRS?!?! Thank you so much!! New BIG fan!!?

  13. This is the best way to kick up you Chinese stir fry recipes. This homemade
    House Sauce recipe is better than any Stir Fry Sauce you can Buy! Thanks
    for your comment and keep on cooking!

  14. The peppers used in this homemade stir fry sauce recipe are in fact Jinta
    peppers grown in the regions of north west china and are air dried. Thanks
    for pointing this out.

  15. Thanks need to check that out!

  16. Hi, how are you. :) The thick black soya sauce, I think is most probably
    named Dark soya sauce. It a sauce like light soya sauce but it have more
    deeper flavour to it… Haha :) have fun cooking..:)

  17. oh and I am sorry but that is not sezchuan Pepper corns…..that is just
    dried Chillies..?

  18. Hi Chef! Made the sauce again today! That’s 3 times this month! Had to go
    on a search to the Chinese market for the thick soya sauce, white pepper
    and found the chillies too. I can’t believe it tasted even better. A bit
    sweeter with that thick soya. LOVED IT EVEN MORE!! You rock!!!! Next.. your
    tiramisu! ??

  19. this was super delicious. Im Chinese. And I give this recipe my Big Seal of
    Approval. :D. thx Bald Chef…?

  20. I noticed that in the video you used Oyster Sauce but on your website the
    Oyster Sauce was omitted in the recipe, both in the ingredient list and in
    the “directions” section. Should I omit the Oyster Sauce when I make the
    sauce? Can’t wait! Looks so good.?

  21. Bald Chef…Sorry I don’t know ur name….You are using Korean Gook Ganjang
    hehe.. I love that brand but I only use it for soups or when I want a
    lighter colour to my food?

  22. Hi there, thanks for this recipe- will be trying it out tomorrow. What you
    were calling szechaun peppercorns were dried red chillies. Szechaun
    peppercorns aren’t peppercorns as we’d know them, they are used to add a
    slighlty lemony tingle ‘spice’ so they could be added as well as dried red
    chillies x?

  23. Well done thanks for posting.?

  24. When would this be added in a stirfry after the meat and veggies are
    combined again after flash cooking each item? Thanks for the video, I def
    gonna try this combo. I have everything except the szechuan dry peppers can
    I sub sambal for that? Or is the szechuan critical? Thanks in advance.

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