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Homemade Dim Sum | Chinese Fried Wontons Recipe Video ????? Josephine’s Recipes Episode 75

Get the full recipe and pictures: Perfect treats for Chinese New Y…
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  1. Chinese Fried Wontons Recipe Video ??????

  2. I’ll do this next time :-D?

  3. Just the kind of dish I was looking for :)?

  4. Love it! Thank you for this awesome video ;)?

  5. Wow !! Love your recipe video, can’t wait to get well and start making some
    of your recipes they look so yummy, and you simplify them in a easy way for
    us. hope I learned and be able to make them, and thank you very much for
    kindly sharing with us.?

  6. you always have those unique yummy food to share, very interesting recipe
    video, thanks. ?

  7. Absolutely amazing?Thanks for sharing, have a lovely week:)?

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