1. looks good. Thank you

  2. You are very welcome.

  3. @haiyan99: thanks for sharing your dough recipe. I have a question. Is that just regular white flour and warm water only? Thanks!

  4. @ur4ever1 Yes, it’s just regular white flour, in UK we call it plain flour, and add some warm water.

  5. @haiyan99: Thank YOU!

  6. do you leave dough to relax or can u use it after kneading it?

  7. excellent video the best step by step recipe to making gow gee or jaiozi gyoza or dumplings.well done and thank you.

  8. its interesting I think to here UK accents mixed with asian accents

  9. Thanks for uploading. I made dumplings tonight using your dough recipe (only I used whole wheat, and it still turned out great!)

  10. how many grams of white flour and how many cups of warm water.. tnx

  11. wow! thank you for sharing..I can’t wait to make dumplings now.

  12. YAYE! finally i can make my own jiaozi from scratch! thank you! i’ll try it! *excited*


  14. @thelumbahjack Thank you. :)

  15. debuuw debuuw debuuw OH MY GODDD!!! (oh and thanks!)

  16. @thelumbahjack what accent?

  17. I knew you were from the UK. I don’t know why. I’m usually good at picking out where people are from their accents. You have a mixed accent. It’s very beautiful. I hope when I move to Japan my accent will change, I’m not so fond of my American accent, it’s boring.

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