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Homemade thai food- Banana Chewie dessert ??????????

Banana Chewie is a adapted recipe from Banana steamed dessert.

  1. I used to use “all purpose flour” as a sub kha. It tasted the same, but
    didn’t have that sticky texture.

  2. Could you please show us how to make fried chicken with cashew nuts?

  3. I know. It’s hard to cook food the same way/same ingredients unless you are
    willing to spend more money for all ingredients. I used to make “Roti” from
    “tortilla”…not the same texture, but good enough for the time being :-)

  4. One of Youtube viewers requested me to make a Thai dessert. I think Banana
    Chewie is the perfect one to make for the Holiday for your family or to put
    in a cookie bag and give to your friends.

  5. Thank you for the recipe! I’ll try it. :)

  6. Oooh!! I never tried this “healthy” baked version before. Looks soooo good!
    My grandma always made the original steamed type when I was young.
    Loooooove it. Thank you for this idea!

  7. This looks simple and really good…Going to cook it for my family one day

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