1. Dude, There was nothing wrong with the salted crab used in the video. It is
    the standard size fresh water salted crab always used in this dish. Believe
    me I have been eating this dish for over 27 years.

  2. im filipina and i love som tam…someday i’ll be in thailand

  3. Woah… i never tired papaya wid shrimps b4 also tis is my first time
    seeing it like this…

  4. Aroy Aroy !

  5. That’s not how you make it !!!! You should use small crab not the bigass one

  6. okay so some thai calls it tum som or som tum but laos call it tum buc
    houng.. but either way it is a dish originally from laos and Thailand makes
    it because of the Thai Isan (Which is lao ppl that Thailand took over. But
    I notice u put the word TALAE at the end of the name. PPL who don’t
    understand that it means SEA, So yea its a sea food papaya salad. I am mix
    and speak both language fluent and know the history very well but talae is
    the same and there was no need for name calling.. every1 makes it
    different. :)?

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