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Homemade Thai Food : Making Thai Panag Curry like at Thai Pavillion, Rockville MD

Review Pork Panang Curriy at Thai Pavillion, Rockville, MD Price: . 95 + tax In sum: I like the restaurant atmostphere a lot. It’s easy and friendly, but …
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  1. I made this yesterday for the first time. I love how you made everything
    very easy to follow and explained why you should not boil the coconut milk
    towards the end. The curry was amazing, I can’t wait to make it again. I
    substituted chicken for the pork and cooked it the same way. Yummm ! I was
    not able to find any lemongrass or lime leaves locally either but it was
    delicious non the less ! Thank you!!!

  2. If you can handle spicy-add the total of 6 TSP or more of panang curry
    paste. Also the original dish will usually add tiny thai green eggplants in
    –unfortuanately I can’t find it in any Asian Store near by ;-(

  3. How do you call that ingredient on 5:50? Can you please write in
    description of a video all ingredients that you use? Thank you! Video is
    great btw!!

  4. Looks like barf

  5. Thank you all. I know lemongrass and lime leaves are hard to find. But if
    you do find any, wash them well, dry them, and keep in the freezer. They
    can last for many months.

  6. I’m sure what I’ve eaten before isn’t authentic Panang curry. You seem to
    know what you’re doing and I can’t wait to try your recipe. Thanks for
    posting this video.

  7. Wrong step of Cooking Khaa

  8. I have to stop watching your tutorials when I’m hungry :-D everything looks
    yummy ^_^

  9. This looks delicious!!! Going to the store now to buy the ingredients

  10. this looks bad…. man, i can’t cook like this…. u boil the coconut
    milk… don`t teach to people a bad recipe of thai food please, it`s
    u tried …?

  11. Great video! Have you tried it with the powder coconut milk/cream that you
    add water to? It seems to be cheaper and more convenient. But, I haven’t
    cooked pork in it. ?

  12. ohhhh Panaeng, my fave… I have a recipe on my channel but will also try
    yours sometime!!!?

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