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Homemade Yogurt Recipe by Manjula

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  1. I use Danon plain yogurt as a starter or Trader Joe’s plain Greek yogurt. They work well. I put the yogurt inside a small cooler with blankets around it for insulation. You need the warmth to culture the yogurt bacteria so it gets happy and firms up the milk. I usually bring my temperature down to about 100 F, for a really smooth yogurt. Can’t wait tp try her version at a higher temperature for both boiling and cooling.

  2. Manjula madam..It is so nice preparation…Do you have any Konkani recipe’s?

  3. Namaste Manjula! Thank you so much for all your recipes. I have told all my friends too!

  4. hello manjula! i love your films! can i use the starter with soy or almond milk? using non-dairy milk instead of cows milk? thank you!

  5. @MarvyLoves you can use any “live” yoghurt as a starter. Heating the milk is a tradition in India, or so I am led to understand – you should not use “raw” milk. If you are using bought milk, that is already pasteurized, therefore heating to approx 30-35°C is enough.
    If you have the luck and get fresh milk, you should heat it to 80°C, and leave it to cool while sealed. A good tip is to leave the spoon you are going to use in the heated milk, or sterilize it separately. Sterilize the dish too, ofc

  6. @lcooke you need to cover it, in order to prevent other “hungry” bacteria from developing in the yoghurt culture :) you want only your friendly ones working on the milk.

  7. @dewalii I bought it from amazonDOTcom a while back…the brand is Salton. It was really cheap as well…i think it was $14.99 :) You may find yogurt makers at health food stores as well…i just saw one at a natural/organic health food store for about $34.99 :)

  8. @pathu32 oh, and the one have is 1 quart…not the one that comes with 7 glass jars…

  9. My friend showed me to put the warm milk in a thermos flask. This keeps it warm without a blanket. Very good video. :-)

  10. Hello!

    I have a homemade yogurt recipe on my channel too ;)


  11. Namaste Auntie! I love your recipes and your videos are very informative and entertaining as well.

  12. You Are Awesome! Thank you very much! All your videos are a great!

  13. Hi Manjula jee,
    What was that powder which u were putting the yoghurt on?

  14. @vlema94i
    I used dry yogurt starter, you can buy from amazon.

  15. @Manjulaskitchen thanks alot aunty…i love your jelabi recipy, but i guess i have to leave dieting and get ready for put weight hehe

  16. Thank you Minjula. I was told using buffalo milk would yield rich and much healthier yogurt. Have you tried it?

  17. what is starter dear

  18. Hello Auntyji….Why do we need yogurt starter…..cant we make the dahi without starter ?

  19. Hello Aunty jee, does Walmart sell starter???

  20. @rashmikumar if you have some plain yoghurt you can use that as your started about 2 tablespoons to 4 cups of milk. hope that helps

  21. Hello Manjula, how long can you keep the 2 tbsp or yoghurt you put aside for culture?

  22. Can sugar be added to homemade yogurt to sweeten it please? Thank you kindly.

  23. wat if u dont have the starter what can u use u can use the fresh yogurt left over

  24. hi manjula di plz tell what is the diffrence between corn flour and corn starach

  25. Thank you very much for the upload. very much appreciated.

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