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Honey BBQ (or Baked) Chicken Wings/????/Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes

Recipe found at: Authentic Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes Music by: Lumininius – I Believe in You.

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  2. You’ve got to try Masterchef USA soon, would love to see the Juries’
    reaction to your awesome dishes ( especially Gordon Ramsay) :) Keep
    posting… Regards from Helsinki, Finland…Thanx

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  6. do you know how to make Wor-Shu Chun Op? thanks

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  12. Love the recipe and you are very informative ~ And The Lil’ one at the end
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  23. i love fried, bbq, n soy sauce chicken wings, i”m hungry now,…

  24. Do those wings come with a happy ending? :)

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