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Honey Roasted Pork(Char Siu) Fried Rice – Chinese Recipes Fried Rice Video Series 2

This Chinese Pork Fried Rice involved in making your own honey roasted pork, it is called “Char Siu” in most of the Chinese take aways or restaurants. It tak…
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  1. hello haiyan,, howe are you?? hope you getting better…. :))) thank you
    very much for your lovely recipes video…. i spend hours watching your
    videos….. :PPP i tried your recipe of beef meat balllsss,, yummyy,, was
    fantastic….. haiyan can you please tell which ingredients you use for the
    pork marinade can wait to do it ,,, thannk you….. tke cre :))) get well
    soon chinese chef :PPPP

  2. tasty! i’m definitely going to try this one also, the website looks good,
    nicely done . german shepherds are awesome!

  3. @DudeTed Thanks Dude, you are my best mate. :)

  4. less tarky tarky more cooky cooky

  5. @Goliath1886 Thai fragrant rice is my personal favourite. More information
    about fried rice refer to my another video – Introduction Of Chinese Fried
    Rice Series.

  6. love your accent it is very cool.

  7. @meluv2cook Yes, you can use soy bean paste. I actually used salted soy
    beans from YEO’S in this video as you can see some soy beans on top of the
    meat. But it makes not much difference as I have used soy bean paste

  8. This looks good! Can you tell me if soy bean sauce is the same as soy bean
    paste? Thank you for posting this recipe.

  9. hmmm, I would be tempted to pour some of the pan juices onto the plate !

  10. Looks so delicious!!

  11. @haiyan99 thank you. I didn’t remember seeing soy bean sauce at my store
    but HAD seen the soy bean paste. Good to know I can use the paste if I
    can’t find the sauce. Looking forward to making this. :)

  12. I marinaded the pork in honey and hoisin and it was so yummy!?

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