1. I would add the zest of one lemon that you grate on a fine microplane. Add it in the beginning as you whip the eggs.This way you will add the lemon oil from the citrus skin and you will not dilute the batter with excess liquid.
    I bet it will be excellent!
    Chef Chris

  2. What kind of flour do I use?

  3. @Boringmadefun
    You would use cake flour. make sure you sift it also.
    All-purpose flour will also work but the cookie will be not quite as delicate.
    Chef Chris

  4. How many madeleine does this recipe make in total? It looked like there was still enough to make an extra batch in the bowl.

  5. @FireyNinja
    This recipe makes enough for two madeleine pans- a total of 24 cookies.
    You have sharp eyes!
    Chef Chris

  6. @chefcct Thank you for your complement. I have another (few) questions, does it matter where you put it in the oven? And how long can they last up to before one bakes them and after they’re done baking?

  7. @FireyNinja
    I would bake them in the middle of the oven. You should bake them as quickly as possible after mixing. After they are done baking, they will probably start to stale the next day. To keep them a longer time, I would freeze them and defrost as necessary.
    Chef Chris

  8. @chefcct Thank you, I will try making them tomorrow for my family.

  9. They turned out really good (even if I forgot to put in the vanilla in the first batch). Thanks for the video! It helped a lot. It makes me want to go buy a mixer now, my arm’s tired.

  10. Do they taste like the ones sold at Star Buck stores ?

  11. @TheLogicfirst
    I am sorry, but I have not tasted the ones that they sell at Starbucks.
    Chef Chris

  12. Why do you use softened butter instead of melted? Thanks for the answer!!

  13. Hi, I use softened butter so there is a better homogenous mixture as it is mixing. If you melt the butter, you will have water, solids and butter fat separate and it may or may not mix in thoroughly. The whole butter creates a better emulsion.
    Chef Chris

  14. Hi Chef Chris,
    I really love your recipe and I have made the madeleines twice now. They puff up in the oven and after 12 minutes in a 350 degree oven deflate when taken out. What are the weight measurements for the dry ingredients. I may be using too little flour when measuring by the cup.Thank you

  15. @blingbadabling
    The weight is about 2 ounces.
    Let me know if it works for you.
    No one else has written that they are having your same problem. I would suggest that you recheck all of your measurements. Something else might be off.
    Good Luck!
    Chef chris

  16. Chef Chris, I use 2 eggs, , 1 cup of flour, one cup of sugar, 6 oz of softened butter and one teaspoon of vanilla. I follow your method. My madeleine trays are slightly bigger than the one you used so I doubled the recipe. I have to say they are delicious but the characteristic bump deflates when taken out of the oven.Could the eggs I use be too big? (large) Perhaps I need more flour or less butter. I will give them another try and let you know.

  17. Hi Chef Chris
    I have the same problem: they deflate when got out of oven, but they taste heavenly. I tried many batches but end up the same problem. please help. Thank you

  18. ! Yum all up
    Good enough for Marcel Proust :o)

  19. Thank you for your kind words!
    Chef Chris

  20. I love Madeleine cookies?

  21. lots of advices.. thanks :]

  22. what a nice video. very good tips all throughout.

  23. thanks for the recipe and the awesome tips. husband and guests went apes for it. I serve it warm with raspberry preserve or vanilla ice cream.


  25. madeleines aren’t cookies. they’re like small sponge cakes.

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