How do sauce recipes form a part of food recipes?

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To know how sauce recipes and food recipes are related we have to have an idea about sauces. The term sauce has been derived from the Latin word salsas. This means salted. Sauces are liquid, thick creamy or semi-solid food that is served on or used in preparing other food items and are an integral part of many food recipes. The sauce recipes are an important part of the cuisines of many countries.

Soya is one of the vital parts of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Chinese cuisine also considers chili sauce as important as soya sauce. Korean cuisine is based on the use of the dungeon, gochujang, samjang. South East Asian cuisine supports the use of fish in its main dishes. Indian sauce recipes, which are famous for their unique taste, are the tamarind , coconut . The famous Indian chutneys are an Indian variation of . Salsas, the famous Spanish sauce recipes, have made the idea of more famous all around the world. The most well known varieties of salsa are Pico de Gallo, salsa cocida, salsa Verde, and salsa roja. There are dishes that are based on . The are required to bring the dish together. It gives the dish the completeness and finish that is required to make the dish excel.
Though sauce recipes are associated with savory dishes, it is not always the case. Many sweet are used as a complimentary part of desserts. Chocolate, strawberry sauce, caramel and white chocolate sauce are some of the well-known examples of sweet . Though dessert like Zabajone and crème pasticciera are familiar to most dessert lovers, the most famous dessert sauce would be the Crema al mascarpone used to create the much-loved tiramisu. Pontoons also dress with the Crema al mascarpone during Christmas, making this sauce a well-loved ingredient all over the western side.

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Though are generally thought to be liquid, they can also be thick or semi-solid. The need to have a liquid component to blend the solid ingredients together and to help in a mixing of the flavors. The liquid used can be water, oil, or stock. The can be made using vegetables or fish and meat stock. Pureed vegetables are frequently added as a base of the, especially for non-vegetarian food recipes. The flavoring agents can be ginger, garlic, pepper, red chilies, and other herbs, depending on the food recipes. The most popularly used herbs are mint, rosemary, oregano, and coriander.

The solid ingredients of can be strained out either after their flavor has been introduced into the gravy or they can be pureed and cooked to blend in with the liquid ingredients, depending on the food recipes.

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