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How to Cook Chilli Chicken Dry in Restaurant Style

All Non Veg Lovers love this recipe This is the common ordering Dish when group of friends & family’s visits a restaurant or a hotel and it this recipe was l…
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  1. Saalo murge ko banate ho paap chadega?

  2. Chilli Chicken Restaurent Style?

  3. Bhen ki lodi hindi bol le?

  4. In English it’s “green peppers” not capsicum :)
    I’ll try the recipe, looks great, thanks.?

  5. LMFAO the English subtitles are OFF?

  6. Looks good, but that music has got to go.?

  7. wow it looks really good. I’ll try this tonight :-)?

  8. wow….excellent….chusthunnantha sepu nnooruruthondi…thanx for receipe
    i ll try this…pls tell me about any easy steps to cook chicken
    biriyani…..thank you….?

  9. I like Attamma TV. hummmm …… Mana vantalu…… Eroju nenu chilli
    chicken try chestanu?

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