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How To Cook Chilli Garlic Dipping Sauce By Nikhil Merchant

Find something is missing when you cook an oriental meal at home? Well here is a flavorful, tangy, sweet and spicy sauce that can go very well with your Chin…

  1. Dippin’ sauce you say, for spring rolls, sweet and hot, great also for
    potatoe chips and i’m bettin’ it would be as great with totopos(corn
    chips)! Thumbs up to ya Nikhil Merchant, greetings from mexico and thankin’
    ya for the COOL Share!! =)

  2. Was that from a coffee maker? Wtf

  3. Nikhil, Good recipe .But as Mahesh noted, if it were to be like sauce and
    not soup,, it would make a big difference especially if I were to try using
    with pita chips or Tortila chips as Joe would agree

  4. Thanks for the nice recipe, don’t mind but it look like soup not dipping
    sauce, it suppose to be little thicker

  5. Yes it was from a coffee maker, super simple and easy use
    Thanks Chef, I agree it could do with a thickening agent, though am not a
    fan of cornflour etc. You could use a thickening agent.?

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