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How to Cook Quick & Easy Chinese Recipes : Garnishing Chinese Stir-Fry Potatoes

How to garnish Chinese stir-fry potatoes; learn more about making Chinese food in this free cooking video. Expert: Hiu Yau Bio: Hiu Yau has been a home chef …

  1. @phillcom3 I’m fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin and can cook Chinese,
    Italian and other foods. I understand food, so have a right to my own
    opinion, as do you.

  2. why would you put sugar in this dish….the potatoe has enough natural
    sugar in them, to me it makes the dish unhealthy using processed sugar and
    goes against authentic chinese cooking

  3. i love this :p~ Nyummy

  4. These recipes by Hiu are really awesome, especially for a single guy like
    me who wants to make quick yet tasty dinners :))

  5. @davrosd Atleast I can understand him. You ? I wouldn’t even want to listen
    to you.

  6. Okay, I take it that “black sesame pepper” is just black sesame and black
    pepper. Please enlighten me if I’m wrong :(

  7. I love this.. but it’s a long time i didn’t eat this :(

  8. @davrosd sounds very nice to me and he got teh message over, i dont see you
    trying to learn Chinese or whatever his native tongue is.

  9. wtf?? r u chinese or wat? i had ate mny chinese food, but not like u did..

  10. nice… ty

  11. To demonstrate something in English, you need to be able to articulate
    properly. This guy is shit, as is his recipe and cannot speak English
    properly. Get him outta here……

  12. @Greenmarine6 my imagining is that it is to caramelize the potatoes better,
    Chinese food is not as i understand it unhealthy at all, just the way we do
    it we tend to over sweeten and over salt everything. i came back from
    mexico for example and couldn’t have tomato ketchup or anything liek that
    and everything else tasted , even a normal sunday roast, overly sweat and
    overly salted. all mexican was natural. oh and the sugur being caramelized
    kinda loses the calories

  13. @Samoutuomas LMAO!! Single guys should have all the time in the world…try
    cooking for a wife that doesn’t know to cook and 4 children

  14. its tu dou si, and cooked well, cheers for the example, like your other
    vids too

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