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How to Cook Quick & Easy Chinese Recipes : How to Beat the Eggs and Chop the Onions for Chinese Scrambled Eggs

Learn how to chop onions and beat eggs for scrambled eggs with expert tips and advice on Chinese food recipes in this free video clip on cooking.

  1. His accent is SOOOO funny

  2. “and theeeeeeeeen” go Ashton….

  3. “Allow the yolks and the white to ‘blind’ together.” Emm…so that they
    can’t run away anywhere but right into the pan??? :D No offense, but I
    couldn’t help with this one :D I’m so sorry, I’m so bad… :D

  4. @FurryApple yep

  5. break the eggs… with the chopsticks?!

  6. I lOVE HOW HE TALKS!!!!

  7. really finey

  8. haha when he says expert village he says expart willage

  9. It’s expertvillage’s weird way of uploading their videos…

  10. wow i can make an omlet out of that cool

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