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How to Cook Quick & Easy Chinese Recipes : Making the Sauce for Chinese Stir-Fry Beef

How to make the sauce for Chinese stir-fry beef; learn more about making Chinese food in this free cooking video. Expert: Hiu Yau Bio: Hiu Yau has been a hom…
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  1. ok il try it im ganna make it soon

  2. add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce LOL!!! nice vid, reminds me of how my dad
    prepares it :)

  3. by soy do they mean soy sauce

  4. the sauce sound good but idk about the first ingredient sounds a bit yuk to
    me but u dont know unless u try right?

  5. 1 tablespoon oyster sauce 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1/2 tablespoon (1.5
    teaspoons) sugar 1 teaspoon coking wine 1/2 teaspoon corn starch pinch of
    black pepper dash sesame oil stir with chopsticks >)

  6. mmm, gwa be cha cha, to sha.

  7. why would u make so many separate videos? it’s annoying as hell to hunt
    through vids for the next one…

  8. If your intention is to help people, then, you need to consolidate all of
    the disparate videos together. Having all of these short videos is
    cumbersome and not at all user-friendly. On top of that, they are not
    numbered. So, to watch of the parts in sequence is tediously hard to do. I
    get confused by the sequencing and titles and just quit. That is not the
    feeling that you want viewers to have when your intention is to serve them.

  9. Fantastic I followed your instructions to the letter and made the best stir
    fry ever. Thanks

  10. Excellent video! Thank you!!

  11. hmm that realy looked/sounded like a grate sauce

  12. Sounds nice. Maybe add a bit of lime juice to make it a bit lighter in
    flavour. Will try this for sure.

  13. I like this guys presentations so far. I’m trying to learn how to cook
    Chinese for my job.

  14. its hard to find which is the next video,can you please indicate a number
    or more easy for us just put it in one video please….

  15. no one cares.

  16. what is the ingediënt after the cooking whine??

  17. cocaine wine

  18. Oyster sauce sounds worse than it is.. To me, it doesnt really have a
    taste, but gives the the meat a nice shine to it.. Try it.. You won’t
    regret it!

  19. That’s exactly how I’d make the sauce too. Cheers!

  20. I love Hiu Yau…… He knows what he’s talking about. But there must be a
    basic chinese sauce that would go with most chinese dishes. Can Hiu Yau
    post a recipe, with the ingredients.


  22. @2tired2care4now hey, that’s what i HATE about expert village too! they cut
    a decent video into all these short segments and then you can’t find the
    next step!

  23. Hiu, you are good. Thank you for your clear and straight forward

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