1. Great video!! So easy to follow and I love the tips with the foil, toaster oven racks and especially love your paper towel spatula! My ribs are in the oven now, can’t wait to taste them! I’m going to look for your spaghetti and meatball video now!

  2. Great vid. You got that John Goodman voice!

  3. @mrvader24 Ha! Ha! Good one!
    Thanks for watching.

  4. when you baste the ribs, is the sauce heated or no? and how long do you usually slow roast them for? an hr? great video though! can’t wait to try it!

  5. @bigbob4sale Thanks for watching. Keep the sauce on the back burner, on low. The sauce starts out thin for a
    a reason, so as to baste the ribs and not have the sauce burn while cooking. After a couple basting’s, it gets thicker. You can slow cook the ribs for a minimum of a hour, but, at least two hours is nice if you have the time.


  7. What happens if you don remove the membrane?

  8. very good changed rub and sauce till im great excellent tutorial

  9. Bravo!! I WILL be trying this. And you do sound like John Goodman! For my sauce im going to use a recipe thats on Mott’s apple sauce jar, for ribs.

  10. Nice basting brush!!! I want to try that now! Thanks for the cool vid!

  11. 3 people didn’t follow directions. LOL

  12. @Monstertalon lmao

  13. @Anita644 Sorry for the long delay to some posts. Life gets in the way occasionally.

    The membrane is a sinewy type of fat that acts as a barrier. It will prevent any seasoning or marinade from penetrating into the meat.

  14. @kanukster are those seasoning measurements per slab or for both?

  15. @liltd87 I used the entire batch on both portions, front and back.

    Remember, you can season these ahead of time and store in the fridge untill ready.

  16. It would be nice to see some written instructions on what you used and how long you cooked, etc. I follow what you’re saying, but you went kind of vague as to how long you put them back in and how long you cooked them with the sauce on.

  17. @homescrub Thanks for asking. It would depend on several small but important factors. a) The size or weight of the ribs being used. Thicker, denser pork requires a longer cooking time due to the larger bone mass. But, this could be compounded if your temp setting is to high, resulting in a darker over cooked product. b) How thick the consistency of your sauce is. I started with a thin sauce, basting in 1/2 h intervals.
    So, Thick ribs= lower temp, longer cook time. Possibly 1 hour longer.

  18. @kanukster Thanks. Since I had small ribs, I prepared them in less time and came out great with your tips. I appreciate it!

  19. You are one cool dude, thanks for your upload. I watched it today because there was a very good sale on ribs and I am really not that fantastic of a cook, so thanks for this. I have a couple of questions.
    1. Do you do anything with the drippings from the ribs after cooking?
    2. left over taco fixings, shells,meat,cheese,salsa, what can I do to convert this into a lunch that can be in a container all day? This kid of mine is killing me over lunch idea’s and I am STUMPED!!! Loved your vid!!

  20. Sorry , me again, i have looked at other vid’s for bbq ribs and your is the best…. Just sayin :)

  21. @kanukster Now there is an argument here with the membrane. Some people say it keeps the ribs more moist! I personally do remove the membrane, penetrate those ribs with FLAVOUR!! LOL
    Good looking ribs man!

  22. @debcanada1 Hi debcanada, thanks for your comments.

    1. No, I just toss the remaining fluids. probably has to much fat content for any real use.

    2. Great idea. Just use a sharp knife and carve or scrape the meat from the bone’s. Once you have a nice amount, run a knife through the pile and chop it down to smaller pieces. Mix these pieces with some left over sauce. Using soft Tortilla shells, wrap the meat with cheese and lettuce and maybe some taco sauce or sour cream. Nice!!!

  23. Thanks, is great video.

  24. wow those look soo good.. i usually just put the ribs in a pyrex dish with about 1/4 cup water and cook 350 for an hr then after drain the fluid, baste em in bbq for another 1/2 hour but it seems the meat doesn’t absorb the flavor. those ribs are makin my mouth water !!

  25. I usually season and then braise my ribs in bbq sauce in a slow cooker and cook them for 10-12 hours. Some people say that’s stupid but they are the most tender I’ve tasted.

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