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How To Cook Thai Crispy Noodles

Hey I made Crispy thai noodles from the Hairy Bikers recipes. Its a great healthy and yummy meal hope you enjoy my vlog x MY BLOGG http://www.holliewakeham.t…
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  1. Hey darling :) was that galangal paste or powder please? Looked
    scrumptious!! xxx?

  2. Ajajajaja
    And looks delicious!!!?

  3. When you said “galang galang galang” M.I.A came to mind (love that song of
    hers). ;-)?

  4. please add more videos iv missed these types of videos i love watching you,
    you proper make me laugh. i watch you everyday without fail #stalker haha
    just kidding x ?

  5. Hey here my how to cook crispy noodles from the Hairy Bikers recipe. I hope
    you enjoy my little cooking vlog x?

  6. Looks so good?

  7. This looks tryable ( my word) but the noodles, mm not so sure?

  8. This looks delicious, definitely gonna make this!! Thanks babe ?

  9. Did you both manage to eat all of it, was some plateful!! Could watch you
    all day, think you should have your own show on TV xxx?

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