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How to Cook Thai Spicy Glass Noodle (Yum Woonsen) by Chef Dette (Odette Henriette Jacqmin)

How to Cook Thai Spicy Glass Noodle (Yum Woonsen) by Chef Dette (Odette Henriette Jacqmin)

  1. its not rice noodle! i got it and realized it was wrong :(

  2. @longboardgun Its Thai? Chilli of course :) aka Prik Kee Nuu

  3. Do you live in Australia?

  4. dette…what chile do you use ? it looks like “chile de arbol” which is
    what its called in mexico…

  5. This girl is so weird.

  6. @marlenegwee thanks so much, hope you love the recipe ka :)

  7. Damn you’re so cute! :)

  8. Looks delicious! Youre adorable :)

  9. well done! this is such a refreshing summer dish i make it all the time

  10. she’s cute

  11. @123laostar awww, thanks so much ka :)

  12. is this a white chick imitating a asian accent? if she is what a shitty
    thing to do , so disrespectful

  13. u call ur mother inlaw Aunty?

  14. @chefdette Yes…i LOVE your recipe….my family and even my maid LOVEEee
    it so much…. and really THANKS for the biggest tip of 1:1 fish sauce and
    lime juice…. it work wonder…. and now with that “mix sauce” i learn
    from your video…. i mix anything that i can find at home and use it as a
    salad sauce….. it taste wonderfully!!! again… thanks for your video!
    and hope to learn more from you…. cheer!

  15. This giel

  16. Looks so delicious and easy to make, that I’m going to try it. Thanks Chef

  17. i thought she’s half thai..

  18. Glass noodle is made from mung beans and is not the same as rice noodle.

  19. Shes half Thai and also a famous supermodel n actress in Thailand. I don’t
    know if she was born in Thailand or where else but I guess she must’ve
    caught some thai accent…. so yeah…

  20. What it means to end your sentences with “Ka” ? Is it Thai-lish?

  21. I seen Chef Odette frm the Thai tv. Wow! never know she is a good chef. She
    is great!

  22. @TheNoliva yea, like i always say, cooking is an art and depends on how you
    like the taste. If its not sweet enough for you then add some sugar! why
    not :) xx

  23. Cutest chef ever!

  24. Thank u for the video! Btw, do u use the sugarin he recipe?

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