1. Looks just like larb. Love larb! Please do pad see eww!

  2. Is it okay to substitute lemon or calamansi instead of lime for this salad?
    Also, will it taste different if the onions were to be slightly
    caramelised? :)

  3. I will.. my vlog camera is currently.. messed up. The MIC has milk in it

  4. thats the fish sauce brand my mom always uses too!! lol

  5. please make pad see ew!

  6. thumbs up for sure. teach us how to make papaya salad pls

  7. aroi sab jung :)

  8. Looks great! My mom is Thai also! She uses lemons, red onions, and added
    cucumbers to hers! Really good!

  9. Moreee cookking vids!! good pronounciation on ”Nuoc Mam”!

  10. that steak looks AWESOME! yes do more recipe videos!

  11. Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed that :) Is there any thai
    desserts/sweets you could make?

  12. u make it look so easy!! looks yummy!

  13. Chicken Larb!!!!!!! :)

  14. Thai Iced Tea please :)

  15. pad thai please

  16. Pad thai! :D

  17. can you do a pad thai tutorial??? im always curious how restaurants can
    make pad thai taste so sweet…when i make it based on the recipes i find
    online or the instant noodles, it never taste sweet…im soo confused ahaha

  18. I’m a vegi-head, but I think I’ll make this for my family, it looks fun to
    make, and delicious.

  19. you should do the thai tag game! love your vids.

  20. Can you have a tutorial on how to make thai tea ^_^

  21. Pad see ew!!!

  22. I think we pronounce it nam pa… but I could be wrong. That is how my
    parents say it lol

  23. pad see ew!!!

  24. thats true asians dont cook with recipes, we just memorize and use
    ingredients to taste lol no measuring

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